getting ready2008-07-17 15:07:41 ET

I signed up for my classes for the Fall Semester starting August 25th. I'm taking my remedial Math 155, English 100 ( i was not prepared for the english 101 class I flunked last semester), American History, and Gen. Psych. This is another sweet schedule with Fridays off. I'm excited to start.

Other than that, not much going on. Jason's sister bought a new place so we've been helping her paint it the last 2 days.

I need a job, I like having something to do everyday. Atleast with a job I can socialize with people besides Jason's family all the time. My mom lives 22 minutes away and I'm lucky to get to see her once a week.

I need more friends as well. Last semester I was pretty anti-social until the last couple weeks. It just takes me awhile to get comfortable around people. I need friends that I make on my own, not people that have known Jason for years. I'd be a much happier and sane person.

This move, starting all over........has been exactly that. Its been 2yrs and I still haven't had the creative drive I use to. I still feel like a bunch of my personality is lost inside me somewhere, I need to find it. Although, I must say that the crazy (in a good way) side of me is slowly coming back around. I'm not having as many "what if" worries that I've had since the move. I often find myself 'horseplaying', cracking jokes, and being silly like I use to.
I'm trying to live for the here and now, not the future. The death of Lee was an eye-opener and lesson for all.

blah..2008-07-12 19:47:18 ET

So right now, I either have really bad allergies, or the beginning of a cold. It sucks.
On Friday, Jason and I went with his sisters(Regina and Sherry), nieces(Megan,Alyssa,Tabby,Emily), and cousins(Suzanne and Nicole) and their kids(Sabrina and cole) to an amusement park at the beach called Family Kingdom. We had a great time. We rode a lot of the rides with Emily, Megan, and Cole. I rode the Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler sooooooooooo many times with Emily that I actually started to get an upset stomach. We were there from 6pm-12am. On the way home is where my nose started to be stuffed up on one side. Then by the time we got to the house and ready for bed I was feeling like shit. So I took so benedryl and went to bed.
Woke Saturday morning feeling like complete shit. Took so more benedryl and went back to sleep. I have to be able to allow 2 hours for sleep when I take it. It knocks me out. So while Jason was off playing a show, I went to his sister, Sherry's, and made his birthday cake.
So since its technically the 13th, it is Jason's BIRTHDAY. He is 31 now. WE are grilling a ham and having lima beans, potatoe salad, and whatever else gets made for dinner. Then I believe we are going to go see Hellboy II. He's very excited about it.
If this is all sloppy and jumping around alot, I apologize, I'm still groggy.
Well its about 1am, Jason is still playing but should be home in the next 2 hours.
I'm about to go and put the clean bed clothes on the bed and hit the hay.

"Live fast, die young"2008-07-09 11:40:51 ET

Sometimes that is true.
Since monday it has all seemed like a big bad dream. We got awoken to a phone call monday morning around 8:45am of a friend of ours dying.
He died monday, the viewing was yesterday and he was laid to rest today.
It was our nephews wifes brother. We all hung out together. WE just seen him a week ago when the new baby was born.
It was a closed casket. He was drinking and went off the road. He overcorrected himself. The car rolled a few times to the other side of the road where it struck a tree. Then caught fire. The back end of the vehicle was smashed up to the front seats. He was only 21 years old. With a baby, who will never get to know her father. A mom and a dad, without their only son. 2 little baby nieces without their only uncle. A sister without her only sibling.
Its all been so quick and so sudden, it just does not seem real. I keep thinking about us getting together to cook out sometime soon, and the thought of him not being around is hard to fathom.
He was a good, kind-hearted person. Who had his moments just like the rest of us. And sometimes made stupid decisions, but genuinely cared for others.
RIP Christopher Ledell Bryant II.
Rest In peace, Lee.

The start of July2008-07-06 07:11:02 ET

July has already been an exciting start since day one.
The 1st of July Jason and I spent pretty much all day at East Cooper hospital, waiting for the arrival of the new family baby. She was born at 10:45pm. Beautiful little baby girl.
The second and third wasent too bad. The 4th was awesome though. A friend cam a picked me up at like noon and we went to the river and we alll had a kick ass time. We drank and smoked up all day and all night. Good food and good people equal great fun. The river is called the black river, for just that, is so black that when you are knee deep is brown tinted and anything deep than that is black. I dont swim in it due to a phobia and the chance of gators swimming around. So the most I did was dangled my feet off the dock yesterday while everyone else was swimming and floating around.I crashed out around 1am.
Yesterday when we woke up we went back to the river. Jason picked me up around 1:30/2pm. We came here and then later that night went to his nephews to see the new baby.
Sunday will be Jason's 31st birthday. So I need to do something fro him. we dont have much money, but I will figure something out.

Strawberry fields forever2008-06-30 13:04:08 ET

Ok, I've been back from Maryland for about 2 weeks now. I ended up spending a whole month up there. During my time I determined that a month is too long. And this, South Carolina, is my home now. I missed Jason like crazy. No one has really changed. They party harder, everyone is of legal drinking age now, so they are at the bar. Some are heavier into drugs than I would've ever imagined. People are married, and pregnancy/babies seems to be an epidemic. But all and all I enjoyed my time. If I ever want to relive my teenage years, meaning the craziness, silliness, and stupidity, then my urges will be filled in Maryland. I partied like I did before I moved to SC. Drinking til 7am.
Smoking ourselves stupid.
Acting like rebellious teenagers.
I spent time with everyone. Even spent a few hours at my ex, AJ, parents house catching up on the past 4 years. It was just all amazing and everyone was amazing. It felt like I had never left.
Walking the streets with a suitcase on wheels full of beer and liquor, beer in hand, at midnight. that was priceless.
Water balloon fights and pickle juice.
Parties parties parties.
Going to see Bloodbourne at the bar was awesome though. I've been wanting that raw, local aggression, of local bands.

As of now, things here in SC are going alright. The tension seems to have died down. Jason and I havent argued at all. I feel more motivated and focused on what I want in life and getting it. I will start my fall semester soon and I'm excited.

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