"Could you be mine, would you be my, Neighbor"2008-08-29 06:23:25 ET

No more class til Tuesday!! *does the happy dance*
I made a friend already. lol. I felt like a little kid making a friend the 1st week of school. Lame, I know. Last semester I really didnt talk to anyone, mainly because I guess lack of things in common, nothing to talk about. But she's cool. So I'm happy. That and I really havent made any friends on my own here since I moved here over 2 years ago.
School is going good so far. Nothing too difficult. Its alittle frustrating trying to relearn things that I should already know. Since I've been out of school for almost 5 years, I've lost the stuff I never used. Other than that, things are good.
No class monday due to labor day. I'm heading to my moms today. I have to go pick up my check and spend some time with her.
Ok, I'm going to go smoke my mood stabilizer...
Oh yea, I started my period the night before last. So I'm very moody. and crampy. :(

Howdy Hoe!!!2008-08-26 14:51:19 ET

So... second day of classes went well. Had to write a 5 paragragh essay in english today. I'm about to start my reading for psyhc class. I feel in a happy typing/replying mood today. So I've just been reading peoples entries and replying, since it seems that I read all of them and rarely reply to my sk buddies anymore.

How are you all doing this fine evening???

2008-08-25 16:26:02 ET

First day back to classes went well. I found out late last night that my Public Speaking class was canceled for MW so I had to reschedule it for Tues &Thurs. morning. So now I will be going to school from 9:30am(first class begins) - 3:20pm (last class ends).
In Psyhc. we are needing to pick out a psychological disorder to do a portfolio project on. She said to try to pick one that is of interest or may help in personal life or career choice. I'm thinking about doing mine on Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. My dad has it and it would help me understand him.
It rained 90% of the day, so not much was accomplished. Jason and I made dinner and hung out, that was about it. Now I think I may go throw a load of laundry in the washer.

2008-08-24 11:25:01 ET

I lost 20lbs!!!!! yay! I'm eating alot healthier and exercising, and I'm feeling great.
I have a goal, and I will reach it in a year.

people are crazy2008-08-23 08:18:31 ET

so I found out that this guy (from back home in MD) I've known since I was 3, stabbed his wife to death the other day. Apparently she was having an affair and he just couldn't handle it anymore. Craziness! Some people sure can shock the hell out of you. Never seen this coming from him, maybe a few others, but not him.

Today is the memorial service for Terri, who died Monday night. I cant go because I'm in SC and it going on in VA. My brother and I sent flowers, thats all we can do right now. In a few months I'll ride to VA and see Dusty for a few days. What I just wrote is odd. It does not seem right to me. I'm still trying to come to terms with this.

The world is fucking crazy!

I start classes Monday. This is my class schedule..

Mondays and Wednesdays
General Psychology 12:30pm - 1:50pm
Public Speaking 5:45pm - 7:05pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Contemp. Math. 11:00am - 12:20pm
Intro. to Comp. 2:00pm - 3:20pm

Atleast this is something to do and get me out of the house. I'm excited to go back though!

Last night Katie, Joe, Ron and myself went shroom hunting. I had 2 fears. One was getting shot at. The other was thinking about the chances of a bull being in the cow pasture and how my ass would get shocked if I had to get over that electric fence in a hurry. Ok, so maybe 3 fears. Some of those fences were jumping with electricity, you could see it and hear it popping and the ground was saturated. Anyway, we had no luck, but when we got home and thought about it, we figured out we really didnt try hard enough. So we might be going out again tonight. Hopefully we run across what we are looking for.

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