so yea..2007-02-16 14:17:59 ET

I know I'm not on much, but i will update soon.
Ended up having to go back home due to the death of my aunt.
We stayed there for a week.. and came back happily to sunny warm South Carolina!
I will post pictures and up date.
Right now I'm off, we just got back.. Jason was out being a fisherman.. and now we gotta head to a show.
Talk to you all later!
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a poem type thing..2007-01-17 18:13:26 ET

I'm the evil one
the monster
the badguy
The one full of hate
Evil stares
I bask in your misery
I get off on your heartache
caring less of your feelings
i love seeing you in pain

is this really how you see me?
is it really that bad?

phantom tears are all I have
no more left to cry

stressed to the brim
biting my tongue until I choke on my own blood
walking on egg shells that always have my feet raw
caring too much

that is how it is.

ending of 2006..2006-12-31 10:04:13 ET

its been a rocky ending to 2006.
Christmas was wonderful!
Sevendust concert was AMAZING the band was AWESOME! They were such nice guys, they treated you like they knew you forever. It was a great experience. I never realized how short the singer is. He's only and inch taller than me. I didnt get to get pictures cause we were running behind and I couldnt stop to get batteries for my camera. But I got memories that will last forever.
Things have been rouch at the house and everyone is bitchy and on edge. so When Jason heads back to Alabama tomorrow, I will be dropped off at a friends house in GA for a week or two and then follow behind in Alabama.
I got a ticket on the way home from the concert so there is another court date. So now I have to go to court Jan 30th and then Feb. 15th. GAYNESS.
Other than that things have been alright.
I feel that the new year has soo much to offer me. And I'm excited to see what it brings.
I hope everyone else has a wonderful new year!
Talk to ya soon!

♥ -NiCole

Maybe a Very Merry Christmas....2006-12-23 07:40:22 ET

I believe it is going to be one of the best christmas's I've had in a LONG time.
I can look right over my shoulder and there is my baby, asleep in bed, but here for x-mas. The little shithead kept his arrival a secret from me for a week and showed up 2 days before expected. Everyone kept it a secret from me for a week, it was a very good suprise. I thought I was going to cry when he pulled up at Richard and Kristins.
His first night back was amazing.
Yesterday we all went shopping, he did a good job at hiding what he got me, and I've been doing a good job at not being a snoop.
I'm excited to see what he got me, but I can wait another day or two.
He still has to go back to the mall today to x-mas shop. And I'm not allowed to go.
But I still have to finish up the girls, his sisters and their husbands, Richard, Tracey & Harry, my brother and my moms b/f.
It sounds like alot, but I pretty much know what I'm getting everyone, we just ran low on cash last night.
It just looks like it is going to be an awesome Christmas, and boy do I need one.

at least something good is happening..2006-12-20 06:21:27 ET

I fuckin hate christmas. bad things ALWAYS happen around christmas.
its just one thing after another lately.
I cant go to Alabama with Jason for the remainder of the 2 months now.
1 because I have to go to court sometime.. and 2 because I have to go to court again sometime.
its gay.
His nephew got tickets to go see Sevendust, so as my x-mas present I was invited to go with him.
And I found out yesterday, I get to go to the after party with the band, have a q & a, get their new cd, signed. Its going to be AWESOME!! I cant wait!

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