movie...2006-10-12 05:04:00 ET


Fuckin hilarious!!!

everyone go see it!

blah...2006-10-09 22:52:10 ET

so hear it is.. like 2 weeks after a uti and i'm sick now.
some sort of cold.
I have a sore throat and a cough.. who knows.. might be west nile. lol.
i keed i keed.
but seriously..
mosquitos hear take to me like a bear to honey.
and up in Charleston...about maybe an hour or 2 from here there have been 2 cases of west nile.

I went to bed at 10:30pm tonight.
what the fuck is up with that!?

Its 3:30am right now.. Wyatt woke me up..
so i took him outside to do his deeds.
Now I'm just sorta waiting for Jason to get home.
He had an acoustic show.
Everytime he plays with Jay, it seems like it takes hime FOREVER to get home.
And now I get alittle paranoid because of an arguement we had this weekend.
that had a statement like this coming out of his mouth..
" I've had plenty of opportunities to be with other women since we've been dating."
which was news to me. I wish he would tell me about these opportunities when they have happened so that way i'm not paranoid like i am now and wondering....well what if he did mess around alittle bit.
oh well.
I'm just being dumb.

he should be home soon.
so i'm going to go watch some TV out in the living room.
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unemployed....2006-10-06 05:52:49 ET

today i just lost my job.

details on the unethical ways my boss went about it later.

prrrreeetty fuckin good...2006-10-04 03:13:47 ET

It sucks not being able to work this week... but i get to spend alittle more time with Jason.
Yesterday was our day, with no one else and no interruptions.
We went and seen the covenant.
Then he took me to Outback to eat.
mmm..fuckin awesome.
I had only the best fuckin chicken EVER there!
Anyway, all and all we had a good day.
We came home..chilled on the couch for awhile.
got Wyatt fed and ready to go nite.
then went to the bedroom for the rest of the night.

i dressed up for him yesterday.
I wore my dress that is black and the last 3 inches on the bottom is pink polka dots.. and 1 1/2 inches into the top and the straps are polka dot, with these cute flip flop thingys, a alittle seater that was about wait length and sleeves came to my elbows. I flipped my hair out, did my make up, made sure all the necessities were shaved and taken care of.
when i walked out of the bathroom is jaw dropped and his faced lit up.
i loved it.

i love him to death!
he kept telling me how beautiful i looked.
and yea, he usually tells me everyday...
but.. yesterday was different, and he noticed it.

on another note:
Jason starts channel net season thursday. Its suppose to be a good season, and if so, then he'll make about $3,000.00 each week.
it goes on for about 2 months. so... he could be making about $24,000.00 in 2 months.
We could get the trailer fixed, property and ready to move into.
Jason could push hard with his shows.
I could quit my job and not have to work for awhile.
and we could get a car for me.
then a few months after, we can start trying to make babies.
by this time next year.. i should be one of three things..
a mother
or trying to get pregnant.

last night was just awesome.. lots of good times and good talks.
i love my man!

soo...2006-09-30 03:39:58 ET

I ended up having a U.T.I.
Called my boss the other day before I went to the ER and told her I wouldnt be able to make it into work.
I called 7hrs before my shift, which gave her PLENTY of time to find someone, but her policy is 12 hrs notice... yea, who the fuck gets sick..what ever..anyway..
Shes all made cause I was out 2 days 2 weeks ago with the flu and a sinus infection..
She says " I dont wanna have to let you go, but as soon as I find someone else I'm going to. I cant have someone who isnt this reliable. I mean, is there something wrong with your immune system?"
I said "yes, in fact there is. I have a very crappy immune system and I'm very prone to getting infections, especially around this time of the year."
She says" Well the fact that you get sick so much, I cant have as soon as I find someone to replace you , you are fired...( insert more bitching here)"
Then she ask if she should put me on the schedule for next week and I said " Uh, yea. today is wednesday and I'm going to the doctor. I dont have to come back into work until sunday night, I will be treated and good to come back in"

Yesterday she calls here while Jason and I are out running errands.
Jasons mom answers, and she tells Tricia that she didnt put me on the schedule cause she didnt know what was going on. and Tricia and like " I believe I remember her telling me that she told you to go ahead and put her on the schedule." And Ginger, my cunt bitch-face boss, said she just didnt put me on and i needed to call her.

I call her when we get home.
She tells me the same shit...and I say " I told you to put me on the schedule,I knew what was going on with me wasent going to keep me from working, I just had to go to the Dr. that day cause I could barely even walk i was in so much pain"
She says she didnt know what was going on and if it were kidney stones again she knew i couldnt work for 2 weeks the last time.. abd blah blah blah.
I was like. whatever... so I'm not on the schedule?...
she said no.

Ok are some facts about my absences from work.
1) when I had Kidney stones was the 1st time I called off work.
2) every time I've been sick...the 3 times I have been sick... I've had a Dr.'s excuse every time.
3) the second time I was sick, I had the flu and on top of that a sinus infection. I was puking my guts up and couldnt get out of bed.... so therefore COULD NOT make it into work.
4) the only time I called the let her know otherwise.. was when I could not make it into work. If i didnt call I was comming in....and SHE KNOWS THAT.

my boss is a fuckin cunt. Well having a week off give me time to look for a new job and spend time with my lover, and my new puppy.
Oh yea, I ended up naming my puppy Wyatt. hes adorable... pictures to come when I find my USB cable.

Well with that said.. I'm off to get a shower.
Jason and I are driving into Myrtle Beach today for the Irish Italian Festival.
You cool cats have a rockin weekend!

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