2005-12-08 11:01:34 ET

IM me sometime
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     2005-11-21 13:30:31 ET
I have been ignoring SK recently :(

My birthdays tomorrow.

     2005-11-02 12:22:27 ET
Lets see...went to a halloween show this weekend. I'm all bruised and disgusting, but it was a fun time.

Dressed up as Courtney Love, because thats the only thing I could pull together last minute, with shit in my closet.

Sick of having blond hair, whats a new interesting color?

Other than that, how was everyones halloween?

     2005-10-25 09:59:25 ET
Havent updated recently.

Crappy weekend, spent it at home, havent been feeling to hot.

Going to see Big D and the River City Rebels this weekend.

     2005-10-14 15:04:18 ET
When is this freaking rain going to end?

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