wiki wiki scratch    2006-02-12 19:51:39 ET
yesterday was Olivia's 6th Birthday Party. (She turned 6 on the 5th but whatever haha)

so i of course made her cake, and i of course couldn't find a cake pan so therefore i had a nervous breakdown and spent 5 hours trying to make a cake with the head of a Bratz character on it. I still don't think I did that well but a few people recognized it as a bratz cake (though that could be from the decorations all over the house but ssshhhh let me think i did a good job haha) so here's a pic of it. her eyes are crooked but if you look at pictures of those dolls most of them have their head's sideways so it's kinda hard to judge.

also here's a shot of emilee and olivia together

and of poor andrew who somehow got turned into a girl last night..
(he's the one pushing the carrage and wearing the flowers) i also just noticed it kinda looks like jake is going to beat him up for being a sissy..haha poor kid!!

and last but not least, i put this on my myspace page too..trying to see if anyone else notices what my cousin noticed in the middle of the party which caused us all to get the church giggles.

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 That Summer Wind    2006-02-10 19:55:09 ET
Funny things that happened the past few days...

Emilee got a v-day card from her "boyfriend" david..and she was so excited haha.

I got a v-day card from emilee's "boyfriend" david (he works with my mom) that said "yum, yum....give me sum" with a picture of lasagna on the front of it. so of course, i'm makin some lasagna for him, he's been buggin me for it so i figure why not haha.

Emilee decided the other night to break out in song at the dinner table...what did she sing? keep in mind she's 3..
"my lady humps"....and melissa tried to act all "emilee why are you singing that that's not good" and i just looked at her and said.."um maybe because that's what mommy listens to in the car" haha dur!

other than that i've been sick and bored and working and yet still managing to be bored.

oh and planning my escape from here. i sent a letter to my aunt (which reminds me i still need to email my dad..i'd like to tell him beofre she does haha) to find out what she can tell us about what we'll need to do to move over there (scotland by the way) and if she could help us with knowing where to look for a bunch of crap that i think i already posted about. still waiting to hear back but it'll take a while i'm sure.

umm yeah that's all.

off to bed now.

 I really really really want to go home...    2006-02-01 18:33:14 ET

Mom and I talked about it more tonight, but somehow our talk made me feel further and further away from it actually happening...

 Hi everybody!    2006-02-01 02:03:34 ET
I'm alive!

I haven't been on here in forever and a day, but not much has really been going on for me to update on.

I am working part-time status but as often as I like. I don't take classes anymore cause the college/university I was at sucked (still) and put me on academic probation so I figured since my grades had slipped so much something was up and I obviously wasn't in to going to class. I'm going to finish my degree through Indiana State's distance education program so that's good news, all my classes are internet based..rawk!

Last night was a hella bad night. I think my cousin is doing everything she possibly can (except bring her ex in here) to piss my mom off. She has absolutely no regard for anything mom has said to her.
Brad - know how I told you the whole thing that happened before was taken care of? yeah no...she did it again last night. had the guy over and was in the basement with him after mom told her that's not cool and after i told her last night that mom knew he was here. she totally ignored that text and went on her merry is LIVID. And everything was going so well haha.

Hence why I'm up at 7:00...we didnt' get much sleep last night.

umm..ok that's all I guess. I'll try and update more not that anyone really reads it.

Peace out

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