*coughcoughhackcough*    2004-03-07 15:39:52 ET
I hate being sick! Blarg!

Umm...this weekend was the shit! Hehe. Vilola was here, and we hung out and umm...much fun was had.

Yesturday we went and hug out with matty and some people. One of them was Chris, this guy I dated in high school, oooh my that was a trip hhaha. We hadn't seen him in like 5 years. I don't think he's changed much, other than going from punk to hippie. that's about the extent of it. we just sat on the couch and watched them drink haha.

Then more fun was had...and then sleeping happened, and then vilola had to go home..and now i'm still in bed haha.

I lost my voice mid-afternoon yesturday so i'm still working on trying to get it back, which is hard when you have a cold and you are coughing all the time. but oh well, i had fun this weekend dangit!

*dances around singing Usher*

much love all! <3<3<3

 good evening    2004-03-05 19:29:41 ET
so it's midnight thirty :) viola is here *dances around*

we had fun tonight, well i had fun hehe hope she did too. we didn't go out cause i'm really not supa comfortable with just the two of us going so i thought if we went tomorrow night matt might be able to go with so that would be cool..if not..we're goin' anyway.

may hit the mall tomorrow.

trying to keep spirits high, which is easy to do with ms viola around...though after having had it planned out, it'd be nice if someone else could have been here too. but i s'ppose that ifin that's gonna happen it'll happen ..and ifin not..then life goes on and stuff...i dunno i'm drowsy and took some medicine and now my lack of sleep from last night is kicking in so i'm not making much sense.



<3 much love all <3

 ok seriously, this is getting out of hand...    2004-03-05 09:23:13 ET
what on earth is the big deal people?

anyone who says 2 people can't get married just because they are the same sex can kiss my ass.

they need to just give it up..i'm so sick of hearing about all these places that say "no you can't get married here" why is it such a problem?

i read the bible, i believe in God, but i also believe he gave us the ability to love one another, and i seriously doubt he's going to be all non-forgiving of people who are in love and want to be bonded together.

if he can forgive someone for brutally murdering another person then why not for getting married to someone they love?

all these bans and laws are a bunch of bullshit if you ask me..

ok that's all...

 Just for the sexy bitch himself...    2004-03-04 19:57:27 ET

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