Its been a while.    2009-06-15 11:28:09 ET
Needless to say a lot of drunken debuachery has gone on and I leave this monday for the summer on a general duties tasking.

Exams this week, finally done school, fucking yay. Missing grad parties but I made up for that last week end >:D

Went to my buddies annual cottage gathering, had a blast (free keg...don't ask how)and tons of swimming, water skiing, tubing, fishing, and more. Was awesome. Went to another party and got into a fight after kicking a douche out of my buddies house, thats was also awesome. Cons: someone stole my backpakc and MP3. Probably why I was angry enough to get into a brawl, haha.

So anyways, I wish you all an awesome summer!

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 Thanks a lot America    2009-03-23 19:03:29 ET

Being a Canandian soldier, who may be eventualy deployed there in the near futurte, having lost 8 family friends, 1 who I worked who died recently in the Afghan conflict, I am extremely angered by the ignorance and pure idiocy that SOME Americans procure. I can't even describe the things I would have done to those people if was present.

Our military may not be huge, but nor is our population. More than 10% of Canadians have served. I personally, and my peers work extremely hard, risk our lives, and do the same dangerous job that Americna soldiers do. The host ignorance bewilders me. We have 30 degree celcius summers and -30 degree winters just where I live. We have police, and our RCMP wear red coats as a part of a dress unifrom for parades much as the NYPD does.

I can't ebelieve American's allow this kind of shit to be shown on television. It makes you all look like dumb asses, and perpetuates the styreo type that Americans are dumb ignorant fucks. I know this is not the case for the most part, but what the fuck man.

As a side note to Canadians, our miltary is literally going to break in 2010 with the Olympics, ROTO 210 for Afghanistn, and the G-8 summit. The liberals's dismantling of our military since 1996 set us up for failure. Too little too late.

I'm done ranting, and I need a drink. God damned Fox network.

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