Dum dum dum..    2008-10-11 18:34:18 ET
*Enter generic text for not blogging here*

So yeah, I went paintballing today. I have returned as a very angry person.

My gun died, my remote line has snapped, and one of my c02 tank's saftey valves burst. I want to huck it into a lake.

I'm gonna see how much it will cost to fix it, and then sell it. I've wanted an SP1 for a long time.

The thing is cheap, can be fired under water, and it crazy for mods.

But right now I want to huck my MR2 into a lake and punch a hole in my wall.

On another note, we had the student vote bullshit at school, I went conservative, but suck my dick if you dissagree, I don't feel like politics right now.

Also, 2 fire drills in 1 week, first one cause by fualty fire alarms. I was on my way back to school from taking pictures for photography, and the whole school was out side, with fire trucks n shit there. I lol'd and had a smoke, then was promptly told I would be fined $200 next time I smoked during a fire drill.

So yeah, next to that...umm, I have my BFT (battle fitness test) this week end which I may fail.

Consist of:
-13.6km ruck march carrying around 55-60 pound ruck sacks in 2 hours and 20 munites of less
-emmediatly fire man carrying a soldier of equal weight or size 100m (easy)
-and a simulated trench dig in under 6 munites

I can do everything cept for the ruck sometimes. I've been running and working hard in PT, but still a no go. If i'm in the middle, and I can we keep a steady pace, I can do it, but pull slinky bullshit and have me in the rear, good bye annual qualification and summer deployment.

I'll give it my all, I assure you that, even when I fall out I still try to catch up and do the whole route, no matter what.

So, turkey tomorrow, with crazy aunt who will def. fight with grandma as usual, cool.

I need a drink, but no one is available.

I'm going to bed, fuck this shit and fuck ranting.

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 End of summer! NOoOOOOoOOo    2008-09-01 14:11:38 ET
So, after waking up at 3pm, I begun to enjoy my last day of freedom ever by eating a shit load of cereal, and then went on to play some Video games. Dad left to go back to base as usual, and now I'm on MSN contemplating what to do on this last day.

Fuck I have school man. This year I'm gonna be taking like 4 math courses, all academic after the first one which is an upgrade credit. FUUUUCK.

Classes I am looking forward to will be computer programming, woodshop, gym, and photography, I think world history might be this year too, if so sick. So I think its 2 or 3 math classes...I lied okay, still, by the end of next year (yes i'm stuck in for another year while everyone graduates and it may fuck me over for getting a tour over seas in the sand box) but i'll have taken every single Academic University level math course, assuming I pass them all...

I need to upgrade at summer school to University level English too this summer which may fuck me over for my Platoon Support weapons course...fucking school. But I can't even go to any University with out that English so...fucking hell, I'm stuck.

Wish me luck bitches.

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