3_16    2008-03-16 16:39:07 ET
Ever had one of those migraines right over your brow, where it hurts to move your head.Lite makes it worse, almost like someone is pushing the inside of your head outwards.

Did good on ebay this weekend:) Am almost to the point of being able to afford a sodium bicarbonate blaster. It was pretty much first developed to clean the Statue of Liberty. It uses an aggressive version of baking soda, to remove paint, tarnish and rust. And it can be used on wood! So I won't have to spend hours stripping wood doors and trim with heat guns, then paint stripper with steel brushes and dental picks. A process that takes me about two weeks or so per door. Plus it won't mar wood, or take away the patina. Talk about a time saver.

Only a few hours or so, till work. Better hit the hay, and get a good spot on the bed, before the kitties do:P

     2008-03-13 12:34:57 ET
The trailers for the new speed racer movie, and the indiana jones movie look kick ass:P

 Wednesday 3_12    2008-03-12 14:36:24 ET
Currently my hands are blackened with tarnish from iron pipes, greenish tinged from copper, and burnt from flux paste. I have random smears on my tatted arms, and a few smudges on the brow here and there.

I am tired. This "Springing" forward shite, hasn't made this week a kind one!Dealing with people that have the tenacity of a butt hurt third grader doesn't add to the mix! Sinuses bouncing off the wall due to the inhalation of dust, sucks.

The ginormous one on the ladder backstabbed me last week. To the point, Where I swear he had the weasels(leadman) curlies in his teeth. Sadly the ladder climber had the severe case of the drippy ass:P Karma has a way of treating whelps like that. Treating them to a spoonful of their own medicine.

So I got timed today by the weasel taking a whiz. Down 18 flights of stairs. To a dingy port-a-potty, riddled with sharpie comments on how the leadman is a "Crotch nugget nibbler","A rectal tordpedo commander...and likes it!", And how ladder boy is his illigtimate farm fuck offspring. And the comments go on. On a personal note I wrote again,"There are three types of turds 1)Musturd 2)Custurd 3)Shit!". The average person, If they saw comments like that, would do a 360, and try to figure out where they went wrong. Not this ass-mite! Anyhow..... After a few smirks, and half a cigarette. I schleped back to the job at hand. My leadman is looking at his watch. He had the nerve to ask what took so long. Ummmm....Bathroom visit. He tried to eye fuck me, that glare of sorts. Hey! Sometimes bathroom visits take longer, due to the urge of number 1 or 2. Told him that next time, I go I'll bring back a sample in tupperware for inspection, so he could see what took me so long!!! My workmate turned around and smirked a fucking storm. Then abruptly turned back to a serious face. You could see in his eyes that he just wanted to bawl laughing.

Now eneters drippy ladder boy, who's spent the good part of the day walking about with a piece of drywall, trying to look busy.But he seems to get away with it.

Anyhow again...One more day of work, then three off. And not a minute too soon!

 Wednesday    2008-03-06 19:40:35 ET
Wednesday the 5th.....

The huge ginormous great pumpkin slouches on his ladder, while a spittle of drool forms at the right edge of his mouth. And ponders what a 1/4 inch and a 1/4 inch equals. He barks at me. Snapping back to reality, from the daze of just leaving work. Should I fein an illness? Kick the ladder, and blame it on a muscle spasm? I stick it out, cause I must love the abuse. Love the abuse in the form of stupidity and inbreading?I hand him a threaded rod that holds the weight of various copper and cast iron pipe. The item I just cut, doesn't fit the bolt that's anchored into the ceiling. Once again I get barked at. The great pumpkin calls me an idiot and a moron. I look up at him. I'm being called a moron, when I wasn't given specific instructions to add or delete measurements to the rod. I tell him he has something on his lip..The corner. You know that old cum joke. He falls for it and starts wiping both sides of his gaping hole. Dickhead doesn't realize that his hands are covered in filth and grease, and smears a glob across his face. Nevermind I tell him.

In comes the weasel foreman. Who tells me, that I can't leave for my optometrist appointment, that I made last week. I tell him, that's fine. Unless you and the company wishes topay for my missed appointment.
Nothing else said on the matter. I leave.

Getting new glasses can be a treat. Like colouring your hair, or getting
something new for the wardrobe it can change your entire look. Personally I love black rimmed and tortise coloured frames. Sadly. I cannot wear them. Makes me look like a stalker/dork! So I have to settle for the smaller spectacles. That allow you to view the eyebrows just over the top of the glasses rim. Somewhat oval, somewhat squared. Then I look like a hitman/smartass. Which I am the latter of the two.

While getting the peepers examed. The doctor removed two shards of steel. Must have been from that previous job. Three times, I had slag removed from my eyes. The worst was the last visit. I had to have the area between the eye white and the pupil itself prodded and poked and have some eye tissue scalped out cause the slag had a barbed edge, and just stuck! If left too long, you can get what they call "rust eye".Where the metal eventually breaks down and causes a rust blemish on the eye itself. Fuck that!

Then of sourse the glaucoma test I didn't study for. Then the dialation. Makes you look humble, even if you are an insincere twat waffle!

     2008-02-27 01:40:51 ET
It's 5:30am. Ready to trek up to the local gas station to get my morning donut, sip my coffee. And enjoy my last moments of sanity for the day. This morning it's a bit warmer at 11 degrees, todays high is suppose to be around 28....Woohoooo.....I'm all ready to be off of work and safe at home!

Called Goodrich yesterday(*they produce fuel injectors for avionic giants such as Boeing and Lockheed, etc etc.). Have a good posibility of getting a job there:)My resume is in active status there now!

Today I find out what's wrong with my ride:(. It's either going to be a problem so small it's recockulous, or something major. Hoping it the latter of the two(*crosses fingers)

*Takes breath...Twenty minutes of sanity left till 4:30pm. nd a 3 block hike thru the snow.....Wish me luck!

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