2008-04-09 15:11:53 ET
Tomorrow I have to go back to the doctors again. I found out my blood sugar is extremely low, and my cholesterol is way above good:( Thank god the weekend is almost here!

     2008-04-04 14:52:29 ET
I had to this fasting thing for 12 hours, but I let it go for 16 hours instead. Got called into work, at the butt crack of dawn! Luckily the job was at the hospital. Got some blood drawn for a diabetes check. Since I have been having some adverse effects to sugary things. And diabetes runs in my family. So if I do have it. I would rather catch it in the early stages.

 Stress part 2    2008-03-29 05:20:10 ET
Maybe I should just go and deconstruct the back porch with a sledge and a crowbar? It needs to be torn down anyways. And it was on my list of projects to do this Spring!!!!

 Stress......................    2008-03-29 05:17:33 ET
It's been nice the last few weeks. Highs in the mid 40's to 50's, and lows in the 30's. But I hear were in for another shit ball of a storm of ice, hail and snow.Maybe some ice thunder thrown in too!

This week threw a turn at me. My lady may be going back to California for a wedding in June. I had thought about going as well. But due to finances, it may not be possible. So she may go alone, not sure about the situation as of yet.

I guess some of her friends in California have been badgering her to move back, saying she'll be better of financially, etc etc. How she could get another job as a property manager, make oodles of money, fewer bills, blah blah blah! So she brought that up last nite. She said she had considered that and so forth:( It's not like I can just get up and move!I own real property....a house that I'm restoring! I have bills. I'm lucky at times I can afford to pay attention! Couldn't afford to live on either coast....*Puts hands over head and rubs the stress away!Mayhaps my choice for a possible life partner was a bad one? Who fucking knows at this point!!! Not getting any younger, just more jaded! Keep ya posted.......

 Home.....    2008-03-23 05:15:09 ET
I was thinking this morning of an event that I had when I moved back home to Florida.

I was hired as a plumber on a 75 man demolition/construction crew.In fact the only plumber. Rehabilitating drug infested properties. Properties where the mold infestation resembled what Dali's vomit would look like on a wall. Fuzzy black, grey, orangeish yellow mold, and alomost in a leopard print pattern on the walls. Ceiling fan blades, would be curled downwards. Abandoned fridges would be infested with roaches and maggots,and the numerous buzzing of freshly hatched flies buzzing about.

At times, I couldn't smell any of it. All the rot and decay of hurried nomadic people forced out of their dwellings, due to lack of payment, being behind in bills, or the next needle injected fix that led to their demise.

Sometimes a unit would have most of the furnishings left in tact. Matresses on a floor, with a make shift nightstand nearby, an alarm clock flashing on 12:00,childrens toys and clothing half in closets and half in garbage bags. Stacks of bills unopened, kitchen utensils strewn in a drawer. Crusted soap still resting on a sink top next to a dripping faucet. Every unit was pretty much similar, sometimes the layout different, but not by much. Often it was sad. Cause you wondered where the people went too. Other times. It was like, fuck it! It would usually take a full sized dumpster to empty the abandoned contents of a unit.

The job site. Was in Boca Raton. I had to drive about 64 miles a day one way to the site.12 -14 hours later I drove home. 6 days a week.

So I'm at the jobsite when I get a call to see the lead foreman. I'm getting sent down to South Beach(Miami). To check on a property. Not like I want to drive towards home to work, then back again. My theory is. If I'm being sent towards home, I may as well stay home!

At the Miami property. I'm looking at a 14 story high rise, that has been renovated. Yet! The carpenters have decided to use 3 inch screws, on 1/2 sheet rock, and pierce all the cast iron, copper and pvc piping. Fucking morons!!!

After going thru 18 units that average 1.2 million a piece. I see that the entire drainage stack from ground floor to rooftop needs replacing. Basically a pain in the ass! My supervisor only wants me to replace/fix the ground floor unit. The floor in this unit is so saturated that it has a thick layer of slime on the concrete floor. When the real problem lurks above me.

I head back out to my vehicle to get a camera and paper to make more notes. When I see this asshole trying to cut the chains that are wrapped around my toolbox. I snuck up behind him and pulled out a .357 Strum Ruger extended barrel Blackhawk(*I had a conceled weapons permit for that state). And asked him what the fuck he was doing? Cocked the trigger, with the barrel against the back of his neck. Asked the would be thief if he liked hollow points! Called the Miami-Dade police dept. They came right over, while I held this prick by gun point. Showed them my permit, explained the situation. Citizens arrest.

No wonder I don't live in the city anymore.

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