2008-05-26 04:44:28 ET
So the stairs and walls to the attic are devoid of carpet or padding. Took me most of the day to scrap all the nasty semi melted/crumbling padding from the wooden stair case. Meanwhile I heard one of the unlucky pigeons that got left behind in the attic space, do it's final death flutters. I sat back and just listened to the 80's flashback weekend. Gave the winged rodent a chance to escape.

The plaster wall behind the carpet wasn't in bad condition. But it still needs to be gutted and insulated properly. I found a slight remnent of the origional wallpaper on the wall. The motif is almost a cross between a fleur de lis and a trident, in a circle, with a circular pattern of dots between the cluster of the above mentioned. All in a goldtone colour, with a cream coloured background. Going to save a sample if possible, and see if I can make a template of it, to maybe use in the house or perhaps in the same area.

Debating on purchasing some of those little tree air freshners to rid the attic of pigeon stink?

Last nite we were under a tornado warning. The sky blackened, winds kicked up to 60mph, rain and slight hail. The storm came thru the Missouri valley(82 mi west near Omaha,Nebraska), but we didn't get the brunt of it.Outside right now, it looks as if it's going to be a repaeat of last nite.

Off to start and gut the attic. Hopefully I don't come across any bats. Haven't as of yet! *Keeps fingers crossed......

 Indy.....................    2008-05-25 03:04:25 ET
The dumpster arrived shortly after yesterdays entry. Threw away some tile off the porch. And started to gut the carpet in the attic. There were two colours. A mottled brown that almost resembled a leopard pattern at a distance(on the attic staircase). And a putrid blood red that lined the walls of the staircase walls. Now both gone!!!

Saw the new Indy movie yesterday. I was excited to see it. Then again, I was like,"Eh!" afterwards. Ford is getting old. I mean old! Still a handsome fellow, but old! Made me feel old, watching him try to relive is younger roles as a more vibrant Indiana Jones! He could not pull it off in my opinion. Sad to say that about one of my heros. May have to see it again to make my mind up about the movie.

Todays weather is 68. Overcast, with a chance of flash flood warnings, followed by the possibility of hail, and tornados. Guess I'm doing more gutting work in the attic.....

     2008-05-23 20:47:44 ET
Bored restless and tired. Yet awake! WTF???

Today was suppose to be the delivery of a 3 yard dumpster on my back concrete pad. Waited, and waited, and waited some more! Nothing. So I started to clean all the little clutters of papers everywhere, vacumed, did laundry, and cleaned things here and there.

Now what to on sat, sun, and mon? Three more days to do things. Can't really do much on the house without the dumpster. And there's not really a budget to buy building materials. Bleh..................
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 Stimulus check.....    2008-05-20 01:18:11 ET
If you have outstanding student loans, or owe Uncle Sam any back taxes. You may as well throw away your pipe dreams as what to do with your stimulus money.

Found out last nite, that mine was taken towards back taxes. So besides the 700 from my tax return, the 600 stimulus check, the monthly 250 I already pay.....Uncle Sam probaly just put down a nice downpayment on a pc, an expensive dinner, or perhaps bought a case of pepto...

Fucking government..............

     2008-05-17 06:16:15 ET
Just a few more minutes till I start the deed. Removing a pigeon roost from my attic. Sprayed for spiders this morning. Finished using plastic sheeting, so no pigeons could escape(so basically a straight corridor out the front window). Have hammers, respirators, baggies, trash bags, and atrash bin ready for the deed! Can't wait to see the carnage. Even debating taking my 14th century warhammer upstairs for the bash fest?

Got a haircut yesterday. First one since I started growing out my hair. Hair was about 1 1/4 long. Longest it's been since the mohawk days of yore. And first haircut in about 7 years.

A couple of more sips of java then to the attic...........

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