2008-07-10 03:32:33 ET
Home from work sick today. Doing odds and ends till my doctors appt.

So I'm at work yesterday. And I get a call from my lady. Her computer is down. I tell her I'll have a look at it in a few hours when I'm home from work.She proceeds to unhook every available line to routers and modem and pc's. She even gets the techs from the cable company on the phone. I then get told she has been on my pc. Apparently she went thru lots or private files!!!And now believes I am cheating on her with some girl off of inked nation.com. When I have never ever cheated in my life!!! It's safe too say that we are pretty much on the rocks now:( A year and a half, and it comes to this!

In a shitty job, and walk to work. Vehicleless, the shite is adding up!

 Happy 4th    2008-07-04 04:50:38 ET

Coffee in hand, with a side of nicotine on my lips. A beautiful way to start a Friday off.

Yesterday was a long day. It always is prior to a holiday. Spent all day by myself at work dismantling ducting, and stripping off the layers of fiberglass, outside in the heat.

Next Friday is going to be a busy day. I have two interviews almost back to back. 11:00am-Pella corporation, for a production shift job(which I've done before, 12 an hour to start)-It will be my third interview with them. They counted an interview 2 years ago,passed my telephone interview this past Wednesday,and the final one next Friday.

2nd interview is at 1:30pm at Walmart. Not the best idea for a job.Pays almost what I am making now for unloading trucks(which I have also done before).If I get that. I may do the pella job during the day, and Walmart at nite, so I can get a new vehicle, since the repair bills on my broken piece of shit, is the equivelent of a down on something more reliable!!!

I'll be tired, and probaly out of it, till I get use to the schedule. But it's something that I need to do. Just a warning in advance to everyone that reads this blog. That I haven't forgotten ya, just damn busy!

Saw Hancock last nite. Liked it alot:)
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     2008-06-28 08:12:02 ET
Finished mowing my pinch under a 1/4 acre lawn. That at times is okay, but is generally a pain in the arse! Now if I had a garage, with a sit down mower, it would be an adventure accomplished in a 1/10th of the time.

Saw Wall-E. Last nite. Loved it. And loved the short before it(*it's one of the reasons I like rabbits so much!) Tried coaxing the ticket seller for a promotional Wall-E watch they were giving out. But. I would have had to shed 30 years off my life to get one.Shite!

Got the stitches removed Thursday. The hand is healing fine. On a more agro note! The idiot on the ladder(mentioned in previous entries), and I were installing a 45" wide x 30" high section of ducting that was a 90 degree angle. Doofus put on one of the clips that secures it in place backwards. Then the rocket scientist decides to yank the entire section of ducting. Asked him to be careful, and let me get out of the way. That didn't happen!!! I ended up getting beaned in the forehead(right side of head), and receiving a 3 inch long gash on my forehead! The gash would have been better in my hairline, as opposed to being on my receeding hairline!!!So now I have this gash, that makes me look like I'm a clumsey fucker! Took all my strength not to hammer homies head with a tinners hammer!

Applied sadly enough at wallmart for a job(*they actually make more then I do out here!), less hassle, less bullshit, less drama, less of everything! Maybe thats what I need?

     2008-06-19 14:11:43 ET
Found out via email, an hour after my interview with Pepsi. That I didn't get the job!

Took off work yesterday. Imodium was my friend yesterday.

Today I got 3 stitches in my middle finger. The area where the finger almost meets your palm. It fucking hurt!!!! Sliced it on metal at work.

Other then that...Bleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

 Tornados    2008-06-13 07:01:55 ET
Today is actually nice,sunny with a bit of a breeze.

Wednesday started out nice. Then it got shitty real quick. At about 8ish, while watching TAPS.A tornado warning came across the screen for the town of Audobon(31 mi ne), and that a locomotive enroute to somewhere down south spotted a tornado 3 miles away from the tracks. At that point, we took our dinner and animals into the basement. 10 minutes later the tornado air sirens blared. 5-6 minutes of blaring! Usually it's only for about 30-45 seconds as a precautionary warning. While peering thru the basement windows, all I could see was white. White and the sound of hail and rain hitting the house. The lites flickered on and off for an hour. Things could be heard slapping the side of the house. My mind at this point wandered. Would I have a porch left? What about the second and third floors of the house? Then all I could think of was the safety of my lady and pets. So I ushered them into a basement room, with no windows, and paced around the basement, listening and searching for tell tale signs of damage. Winds were clocked at above 80mph. Just then a two tornados were spotted on radar 7 miles away. Fuck me I thought! This is it, were fucked!!! Luckily they verred towards the north of the county. Sparring us. Two hours later, we were outside checking for damage! None that I could. So today is about checking for property breaches!

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