2008-08-01 20:47:28 ET
Things are quiet now. I have a few hours of solitary peace. No wind blowing, no sirens blaring the onslaught of a dancing tornado. The occasional creaking of a floorboard denoting the house just stretching, or perhaps some dimentional spectre just passing thru, seeing what this century has to hold. A slight tick of a clock can be heard, as does the silent yawning stretch of a cuddled sleepy headed cat, rolling over. Crickets and fireflies have ceased for the evening. The iron horse on the tracks four blocks south can be heard every so often, but once you get use to that sound, it blocks itself out. Memories and thoughts are what I hear know. Thoughts of what my house once was, and what it will be. Memories of what I once was two or three states ago, and what I have become since becoming geographically challeneged.Semi happy. Yet stranded. Explorative. Though in a sense doubt about my current endevours.I loathe thinking and pondering as I do! I am to the point with most things, about not giving two shits in springtime. Not my normal train of thought, not by any means........

 Training week......    2008-08-01 20:29:27 ET
I started this week at Pella( a maker of windows and doors).Our division works on transoms, doors, casemanet windows(the kind that crank out), and double hung windows(the kind that have 2 sashes that slide up and down). Out of my class of 7 new hires. I got sent to the woodshop. The woodshop is a maze of machines that plane, shape, drill,etc etc. wood into the various components that make up the product. Whereas the other trainees got sent to the various lines. The lines are quick, very fast paced and have buzzers that go off when you are behind production schedule. Basically a window pops off the assembly line every 60 seconds!!! On the line, you have to ask permission to use the restroom due to the quickness of the job. I don't. I feed machines various lumber, check calibrations, tolerences, and quality of the stock lumber. I learned and mastered 5 machines this week. When your only suppose to learn one at a time! My manager came up to me, and complimented my work, and said I'm very much a welcome to the wooodshop! So I was happy for once at a job, which I haven't been in awhile.

My shift goes from 7am-3:10pm. Morning exercise, work,break(10minutes) exercise with medicine balls, work, lunch at 12:00(only 20 min, but a paid lunch!). Wearing shorts and sneakers to work is a trip! So use to wearing steel toed boots and jeans.And I didn't get looked at all funny, wearing a wife beater, showing all my ink! Another first. Once again I am the most inked person at work.

12 an hour, full benefeits, xmas bonuses, year end bonuses, around town bonuses, and 45% off the price of windows and doors(get below retail price prior to the discount), which will come in handy for the house!

Weird when you start a new job, and people you just met wave at you when you are cruising around town:)

     2008-07-23 19:01:33 ET
So I just said bye to my mum. Who knows the next time I will see her? Hopefully it won't be another 1 1/2 yrs!

Bought a new(old)car today. Not my choice of vehicles by no means. But it'll get me from point A to point B. A 1977 Cadillac. It is the colour of tapioca pudding, with mustard yellow interior, with the same yellow palid seats. A fucking tank on wheels! Full V-8,Power everything. Paid 700 bucks cash. So it's free and clear!

 Last nite.............    2008-07-22 08:01:18 ET
So yesterday was great. Did a minor orientation at Pella. Took a drug test I didn't study for, and passed:P.Passed a physical exertion test . Hung out with my mom and her boyfriend. Did some thrifting and antiquing.

We all went to dinner last nite. That was great too.

Hung out at their hotel room, had a few cigars with my moms man. My lady chatted with my mom. That would be the bad part of the evening!! Peering thru the sliding door window, I could see my lady making my moms ears bleed! Then I would occasionally get a stare from her, then my mom. So I'm quite sure now, that my mom pretty much knows about the problems we have been having.Though either of them, didn't say much too me, I had that hunch. The look, and so forth! So now very super private information is know gonna be a family topic:( Because my lady snooped on my pc! Not like I divulged my lady has had same sex experiences, or has tried a slew of different types of narcotics during her younger years.There are things that you just don't tell family, especially whilst visiting.

Currently I feel more like a redheaded step child then ever!

     2008-07-21 03:14:20 ET
At 2am this morning. Air raid sirens sounded, to the tune of tree fragments knocking against my windows. Outside was a grey nothingness with rain spatter,and lightening illuminating the distance across the way. The weather band radio on my nite stand, didn't make a peep. Winds of 90mph plus battered my house. My lady and I scrambled looking for the cats. At 4:30am our area was in the clear.

Today I have to go to Pella. A company that makes windows for houses. And finishing filling out my paperwork. They now accept smokers. At one time, they wouldn't even let you fill out an app, if you smoked. That job pays almost 12 an hour. Guaranteeded 40+ hrs per week. Plus overtime.

Tuesday I go to Wallmart for my second job I got. Working part time nites. At 10 an hour, unloading trucks, and merchandising. Not my dream job by any means. But it will at least, help get me a new vechicle, and catch up on bills!

My mom arrived last nite. Haven't seen her in almost 2 yrs!!! So I will get to spend some time with her. She drove out with her boyfriend. Who is a retired Hollywood stuntman.

Bust week ahead of me.....

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