2008-09-27 05:10:04 ET
65.8 hours this week so far.

I had tickets from work to go Adventureland. But that got shot out of the water. I got drafted to go a wedding instead:( I wanted to ride some rollercoasters . Now I get to hear whining about weddings the rest of the day!!!

The two lots behind my house are now void of anything. I awoke this morning to a bulldozer plowing down some nice huge oak trees. The only left standing is a sentient stop sign at the corner. Winter is gonna suck. The houses and trees were excellent barriers for the harsh bitter winds that hit at that time of year. Dumbshit who knocked down the houses forgot to "tamp"(compact) the soil he put into the demolished basements. And when it rained it created a nice huge mud hole. So now there are 4 or 5 dump trucks with dirt filling those holes. Compacting soil gets all the air pockets out, and lessens erosion to a foundation.

I loathe feeling groggy and restless.

     2008-09-24 17:19:21 ET
I hate being sick. I hate being sick and working a metric buttload of hours.42 hours so far this week. And I still have a full day Thurs, Fri(both jobs), and on Sunday at wallyworld!

Too bad I can't click my Vans heels together and be done with some of this perpetual drama! Keeping a positive thought process helps. Thank god I didn't quit smoking, or I would have used a ball pean hammer on the back of someones head by now!
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 9/19/8    2008-09-19 19:15:46 ET
Just dragged my ass in from job number two. I am so tired and once again awake. It sucks! Pella has kicked up to 10 hours per shift starting today, until further notice.(48 this week), and Walmart at 32. Next week at Pella it may be as high as 58-60 hours. Which means getting up at 3:30am, so my ass can get up in time(I sleep like a dead dog!)Dual alarms becken me to another tiring day!

Thursday I met with a bankruptcy attorney. He was nice enough. We threw around ideas on what we could accomplish, and scenarios for those ideas. As in worst case scenarios. First off. I can't claim a chapter 7, which would give me a new slate.A chapter 13 would consolidate the bills for a period of 5 years, plus credit consuling(haven't had a credit card in 7 years.). Like i have time for counseling?! Found out the papers the sheriff brought me were actual property liens on my house(Fuck you very much Capitol one!). All I can do is a "Quit claim deed". Basically forfeiting my rights to my property. Pass it off to someone for a period of two years. Then do a bankruptcy, then wait six months to re-transfer it to my name again. Because if I did a chapter 7 the clean slate method. The previous debt has presidence over my purchase of my house, so attorneys would look at my past owed debt, and my house purchase and take my house to auction to pay all my past debt. And leave me with little or no money. Plus no place to live!!! So I'm kinda cornered/fucked if you will! Tried talking to my middle brother to help me with the quit claim. He was just a plain asshole on the phone!!! Pissed me off royally! Thing with quit claims is.... If the person I transer it to has creditors hounding them, they could snatch my property for past debt as well:( Talked to my mom about it. She said she would help me out. I would still pay the property taxes and such, and the cost of the deed which is 37 dollars.

This week I got a shock. My lady has decided to withdraw her name from my checking account! It started out as mine, then I made it a joint account.So. Due to the shit happening above. I am going to close my account, and open one somewhere else. One where I can get an atm card. And put my pella money in there, and cash my walmart check bi-weekly, and stash it away!!! Have this lurking feeling I may need it.

Gotta love the continuous stress.....................

     2008-09-16 14:46:36 ET
I are tired as fuck!!! I mean I can barely keep my eyes open. And yet so tired.... awake!

The Pella job is at 9 hours of line work per day now. We rotate every 2 1/2 hours, to a different station. Starting Friday I go to 10 hours per day until further notice. Starting at 5am till 3pm. Then over to Walmart to assemble items for the good of humanity. So I'm looking at 50+ hours at Pella and about 31 at Walmart. And maybe 3 to 5 hrs of sleep a day if I am lucky:(

I come home and my lady is bitching(she didn't work today)that she can't get her hair done! WTF!!!Whats that shite about?! Me staggering in, with my only evening off for the next 2 weeks. And she's chatting online telling me shes had a tiring day. Once agin. WTF?! Then I get asked when is dinner gonna be ready? When I can teabag you in front of your parents! I fucking swear!*Shakes head....... So I'm depressurising by typing some of this crapola here, in this forum. And reverting to listening to old NWA and Eazy-E. Go figure. Must be my roots from the westside of Ft.Lauderdale where I grew up.Anyone wanna trade something for my lady? I'm open for suggestions. A fucking ritz cracker would be something useful!!!Any sites out there to trade current significant others? Can I get an upgrade? Keep me posted......

On yahoo chat under blu_mndy26 if anyone has any ideas. On there for a bit. And Friday after the wallmart shift(get home at 10:30ish Iowanker time).........

     2008-09-12 21:35:08 ET
I are mind numbingly tired. 73 hours this week, and thats a slow week!

Dealing with some shit bag lawyer out of Cedar Rapids. This scumbag collects on credit cards.I got served by the sheriffs department last month for a capitol one credit card from 9 years ago. This peice of shit bought that account and a few others. Then last week I got served again for Dell computers from 5 years ago. Same Lawyer. I then get two letters from the dipshit in the same day saying I may get a lein on my property for like 600 bucks. What the fuck maynard!!! I figure IF I pay him, I figure it'll give him the go ahead to slam me with more past debt.All the stuff this law firm bought was in May 0f 2005. The time I moved to Iowa!!! And I'm just now getting the heads up!!!Once again...WHAT THE FUCK? So I'm going to see a bankruptcy attorney this upcoming Thursday. I freak now, when the phone rings, I get a knock on the door or open my mail box!! No one should have to live like that. No one...............

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