2008-10-17 22:09:58 ET
Made the drive to and from Omaha safely. Though my ass was dragging on the way back, My lady cranked up the heater...And it's like a mild 50 outside. So I start to open the window a crack, so I wouldn't fall asleep. Seriously...What don't I get biatched at for anymore? Breathing? Leaving a shite in the procelain throne, doing the laundry? The word frustration comes to mind! Seems like I can do no good anymore. Just negative stuff in her eyes? Sometimes ya wonder why you even fucking bother to go out of your way, to be considerate?

Found out thursday while visiting the chiropractor. That I have a pinched nerve in my hip area. The long drive didn't help. It's my right side. My wallet side of my arse. When I got out of the jeep. My whole right side felt numb and dead!!!

Maybe I should purposely fall asleep on the couch with the cats? At least they snuggle with you, reguardlessly right? Tried once again to snuggle with the old lady. Got denied. She rolled over on her side.Left empty handed.

What more can a person take?

It's 2am. Have work at wally world at 8am. A full day shift. Super....

     2008-10-13 17:10:53 ET
So I had to miss work today. I haven't missed one day, except for today since I was hired 4 months ago. Tried calling work three times to get details on when my crews shift starts. No answers from anyone!

Took my yellow beast of a car to a local repair shop that I trust. But they were booked until Thursday. Took me 20 minutes, to go 5 blocks. Cause the car kept dieing at stop signs and intersections. Had to take the car to another repair shop on the south side of the tracks. I'll know by tomorrow whats going on. Hopefully.

Caught up on laundry. Two weeks worth. That included folding it all. The lady has a huge over piled stack at the end of the bed. And two more in another room. That shorts me three laundry baskets.Wish she would put her shit away!!!!

Swept, mopped, cleaned cat boxes(like I always do), and started getting ready for her Moms visit on Friday. Ended up cleaning dog vommie piles today. Ones she ignored from the weekend, which totally pissed me off!!! Seriously. If an animals sick, clean it up. She just ignored her dog being sick, and continued to keep feeding him biscuits. I cleaned up like 6 in all. Then the dog did two more. I fucking swear. My house was cleaner living alone!!!! Sad. But true.

 Sat part deux......................    2008-10-11 20:37:00 ET
Started up the yellow beast this morning as normal. And it stalled and shut off while driving around a corner. Like four times. Left work early to get some parts to try and remedy what ails the car. Bought new plugs, wires, rotor and cap, and a fuel filter. It's been awhile since I worked on a carberated engine. Especially a 7.o litre 425 v-8. She started up hard, but turned over. Took her for a spin, and got the same problems. So to the auto shop Monday morning. Like I need more bills on top of bills!!! Does anyone ever? Sharing my ladies jeep tomorrow, dropping her off at work, then me to Wallymart. That's dandy and all. But how am I gonna get to my regular job Monday at 5am???

Wednesday I submitted my "quit claim deed" to the county. Which transfers ownership of my house to my mom. So no fucking bill collectors can threaten me anymore, or threaten to take my house away!!!Remember this ditty. When you dont pay a credit card. It gets sold and resold dozens of times. It shows up to the new owner as a fresh debt. Meaning your completely and utterly fucked! So forget that 4-7 year span of it going away, and no one is able to collect on it shit. When your paying about 160-190 per week for a card you had 10 years ago, with added fees and an interst rate of 19%. You better believe it fucking hurts!!!

The ladies mom is coming next Friday. So I have to accompany her on the drive to Omaha, Nebraska to pick her up. Her plane arrives at 10pm, and a two hour drive home. Then to work at Wallmart at 8am. I'm exhausted already:(. And it's not even Monday yet!!!

 10/11/8    2008-10-11 02:14:31 ET
Just awoke at 4:45am thinking today was Friday. Scampered downstairs to realize it wasn't.

Almost fell asleep last nite while pricing some shite in a clearance ailse. Yeah! Dead asleep holding a telzon(pricing gun).11pm ended a 70 hour week. Now all I have left is two more 8 hour shifts today and Sunday. Haven't had a full day off in two weeks. My patience is wearing rather thin, so is my temperance for stupid fuckers. There are things I need to do around the house before the cold sets in. And time is ticking away, before the first brunt of Winter sets in!

Just made some coffee, and accidently spilled a bit while pouring myself and my lady a cup. Got screeched at for spilling a bit on the counter. And screeched at further for using a nearby towel for doing so. Isn't that what kitchen towels are for? Lifes little accidents?

Some days I wonder if I truly get anything right. Lately it seems more so. The notion of becoming single once again strikes a note. Previously I was single for almost 4 years. But I want a family. I wonder if that will ever happen?

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     2008-10-01 13:33:46 ET
So I'm ten hour shifts until further notice at Pella.

Got biatch slapped via the mail on Saterday afternoon. Shitty mail always arrives when things are closed, and you can't call for details.I'm getting my Pella paycheck garnished by this collection dept. I mentioned in previous blogs. A 1/4 a week till January 10th of next year. Approximately 150-175 dollars per week!!!! My butt feels chaffed right now, minus the vaseline and a sloppy kiss!! All because I didn't move my bank account, Like I told my lady I wanted too.She was indecisive for like 2 weeks. Not sure if she wanted her own, or another joint one, yada yada yada!!!Hence me being fuckered on my check now. My walmart check hasnt been hit yet(keeps fingers crossed), cause I cash it at the store and dont have direct deposit.

Got home today to do some projects with my lady. And she got ready to work, got a cell call from some of her friends. And pissed off to the local Mexican eatery up the road to hang out. So I'm taking a break from sawing scrap wood and putting it in a dumpster outside.Help is great when you have it:(

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