2008-12-05 05:33:47 ET
It's Friday again. Wednesday was one week since my lay off from Pella. Found out last nite at Wallmart that they go some other "flex" workers. These flex workers averaged 2-10 years with the company. So that's an exodus of about 103 workers in the last month from that company.

Also found out that Goodrich. The company that makes fuel injection systems for helipcoptors and airplanes. Won't even be thinking of hiring for another year! Also due to the economy. Though they expect profits to go up 23%. Go figure that crap out!!! That is probaly why, I didn't get a second interview!?

Asked my store manager three weeks ago for more hours. Still a big fucking nil, zip, zilch, nada!!! So I'm gonna have to file for unemployment. Been working since I was 14. And have never filed for unemployment! Feels weird in a way. Makes me feel as if I am lazy. Even though I am not by any means! But I have Winter setting in, and jobs are far and few right now! The economy is in a shit hole! And until someone gets their finger out of their ass, and does something to stimulate the economy. Were all pretty much fucked till then!

Usually I am thirlled to put my Christmas tree. But this year I'm kinda hesitent. Cause I know there won't be much underneath it, not for anyone:( And the lady being continuously moody, doesn't help matters.

 Turkey day.    2008-11-29 05:06:22 ET
Wednesday was my last day at Pella.There goes 1800 a month:( But I can still fall back on Wallyworld. The shift there went okay. Slow. Mostly people just buying foodstuff for turkey day. By the end of shift, I had this bad dry feeling in the roof of my mouth, like beyond parched! Didn't think anything of it.

Turkey day morning. I awoke to a major fever, shivers, sweating, and my back felt as if someone had trampled on it. No coughing or sneezing. Flemy as hell though! Took a hot shower to clear my sinuses. It helped a bit. Went over to my extended families house for dinner, ate half a plate of food. Layed on the floor for about 4 hours and shivered like a mofo!

Fuck this! Yesterday made an appt to see my doctor. Had xrays, blood tests, and urine samples taken. Had sinunitis(sinus infection, which I'm prone too), dehydration, and walking pneumonia!!! Was given strict orders not to go to work yesterday evening. Which I abided by. Been drinking lots of fluids, taking day/nite quill, and my medicine. Like I need to be sick at a time like this when I need the money to survive!

     2008-11-23 08:00:36 ET
Yesterday was grueling. Not enough so that it snowed three inches, and with the cold froze solid to the ground. Started up the yellow beast. When she starts up, she usually idles at about 25mph. What do ya expect from a 425 v-8? Of course. I took it slow, to get use to driving in snowy/icey weather once again. Arrived at Wallyworld 15 minutes early, to have my final smoke before my shift, which they changed!!! I usually work weekends from 8am-5pm. Now it's 2pm-11pm. No sooner do I step in the door, I get a call from customer service. To retreive carts. There are 3 guys outside already doing this. With the current conditions outside, I can barely push more then five! With ice, wind, and customers zooming like fucking nascar thru the parking lot. Four hours later, it's break time, then back outside. I then get another call, to stock shelves. Then another call 20 minutes later to get carts. WTF??? By now. I feel like a fucking yo-yo. Lunch arrives, and so does the lady. With our current situation, I would rather have lunch alone! I then get a call to zone my area. And another for carts. Once again. WTF??? At about 9pm, I get a call to move pallets of ice melt, that weigh 30 times my own weight, out of the snow. So I get two other guys to help. At 20 to 12. I finally get to go home.

With all the excitement. I can't wait for black Friday....Not.....

 Pondering....................    2008-11-21 06:39:15 ET
I wondered this the other day, while assembling doors on my factories line.

Ever wonder what happens to all those old used sex toys? Do they refurbish them? Give them a 30 point inspection? Do they have signs on them like...."Low mileage"...."One owner"...."Like new"..."Blows warm air"...."Bluetooth compatable".... Do you kick it about to see if it starts on the first try? And can I buy an extended warrenty on it???

Would you give the store a name like "Plastic P's place","Cock-O-rama", "House of nether region delights".

The things that cross my mind, when I ponder too much.......

     2008-11-16 15:19:09 ET
Long day today. Dealing with throngs of toothless, stable smelling farmers in Walmart. I must have had a dozen or so people ask for John Deere toys. If you want farm toys, either buy your tike a tractor(*only about 210,000 grand), or go to the hardware store. I have more important things to do like gaze/appreciate the fine scenery that walks around my store! People can be such fucktards! Asking if John Deere toys come in other colours! What the fuck! Yellow and green are their staple colours doofus! Perhaps you'd like me to find one with fucking rinestones encrusted on the tires? Or maybe one that is bluetooth compatable? I could probaly rig you one up that makes a splendid latte and comes with a good dentist!!!

An eight hour shift at Walmart is like watching all the Jaws moves in sequential order. By the time your done. All you feel like is a numbed brain sitting atop a quivering spinal column. And you've lost some intellegence points....so roll to see if you cower in a rolled ball in the shower. Or beat someone with a scan gun!


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