Cars........    2008-12-11 07:16:45 ET
So I've been kinda following all the headlines here and there. About the big three bail out. Todays headlines say that the 14 billion, that's going to be aloted to these guys, will only keep them afloat till mid March.

I say let them burn. Burn baby burn!!! Do you see foreign car makers whine? Yeah! They've taken hits here and there. But are still pretty much on track. That's because they took the green stance years ago. Scaled down their vehicles. Made them more fuel efficient.

A few weeks back. The government was considering, using tax payers money to bail these guys out. And give U.S. citizens a stake in the automotive industries claim. I don't want stock! If your going to take my money to bail your self out. Give me a new vehicle instead!!!

With all the money these guys have stiffed auto buyers out of, for decades. Don't ya think they could at least manage what they have properly?
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 Unrealstic X-mas list.....................    2008-12-10 21:17:49 ET
I have everyone close asking me what I want for Yule!

Most of what I need, would go towards working on the house. As opposed to it being a personal gift.

Here's a list. Though somewhat unrealistic. A list......

1)A lady who isn't such a twat at times. A smoker is okay. No illicit drugs. Somebody to help cook, do laundry and clean sometimes(*I already do this all the time!). Someone who can be girly, and yet pick up a sledge hammer and help me knock out a wall or two.Kids are okay:) A sense of humour would be nice. Sarcasm appreciated. Most of all. Help me share a dream of having a wonderful house, and a wonderful place too grow!!!P.S. Must like ghosts, cause my house is extremely haunted(*not a malicious haunting.).

2)22 new windows for my house. All proper sizes accodring to the openings.

3)Soda blaster. Uses sodium bi-carbonate(similar to baking soda). Speed up the process of stripping all the doors and trim, back to it's origional grandeur!

4)500lbs of soda blaster medium(*see above). Comes in 50lb bags.

5)A new interior for my 77 Cadillac De Ville. Since I can't find the origional yellow plaid interior. I'll settle for a nice earthy brown colour.

6)A cd player for the ride. With a USB port for thumb drives. And some basic speakers for the dash and rear deck! No stereo in car, only stock one that doesn't work:(

7)A 2 story garage for the house, to store things, and my ride.

8)PS3...Nuff said.....

9)1TB external drive to store all my music.

10)A utilakilt:P

11)Help. And lots of paint and scaffolding for the exterior of the house.It's 3 stories!

12)More ink. Need to make it 50 pieces of ink before the end of next year!

13)A decent desktop pc.

14)A framed origional New Order"Substance" subway poster for the den.

15)Share a pint with Ian Curtis, and shoot the shite about what goes on in his head(*That one ain't gonna happen!).

16)Hugs....Lots of them. Been about 4 years since I got one! I don't count the kind where the person pats your back, and barely hugs as a good one!!!!

And what ever else you can think of.......

Go ahead and add your Xmas list. Can't hurt. And doesn't cost a penny!

     2008-12-10 11:21:28 ET
Just finished putting the lites on the tree. I like coloured ones. The lady likes the white ones. Am burnt out on Christmas completly, due to working at Walmart! Tired of hearing semi depressing Christmas music. Tired of being in a relationship, that seems to be going now where. Superly tired of seeing couples hold hands in the store, all cheery looking and partially content. Especially when I can't even get my lady to hold my hand, in public or private! Makes you feel as if you have leoprosy or something. Makes you feel about three inches tall, and worthless!!! Worthless to the point of being numb, cold, and not giving two shites in springtime about another living soul! Except the cats. They cheer me up, in their own way.

Still no job prospects. Been looking twice a day. Most are in other towns, 30 plus miles away. If you've ever drivin 30 miles in ice and snow. It makes the trip seem like 70 or 80 miles. No word from the unemployment claim I made last Friday either. Talked to my managers again at Walmart for hours. Still nothing. That's three weeks I've asked.Once again. Silence.

And it is projected that this recession. Is only gonna get worse.

 12/6    2008-12-06 07:59:14 ET
Yawns.... Have to go to work at 2pm till 11pm tonite. I hate that shift! Cause half the day is already gone. I'm so use to being up at 3 or 4am. Going to work at 5:30-6am. And being done with it! On the other hand. I can catch up on some much needed rest. Still have a brush of pneumonia still, just sniffles and a runny nose. Then tomorrow it's 7am-4pm. I can deal with that one.

Monday holds an interesting twist. Met up with a former co worker, from Sitel. Sitel is one of those annoying fucking companies, that telemarkets when you are in the middle of supper!They work for Bank of America, Countrywide, Orchard, and a few others. This former worker, does troubleshooting for Virgin mobile from his house.Sets his own hours, a minimum of ten hours a week. Pay weekly. With all the correct deductions, etc etc. So I'm gonna go check it out. What do I have to loose. Right?

It's windy outside. About 23(the high for today), with 30mph winds. Should be spiffy.......

     2008-12-05 07:35:47 ET
Just finished applying for unemployment! Damn!!! The questions they ask. Everything except if your wearing clean underwear and have a note from your mum. Not something I am proud to do:( Hopefully the claim is accepted(*keeps fingers crossed!)

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