Hit.....    2008-12-19 08:37:04 ET
Got hit while at work last with an ice storm. We had a rare occurance out here called snow-thunder! Where there's ice, snow and thunder. Alomst like heat thunder. Where you see the thunder, but no sound. So the sky was lit up in dark blue's and purples, while nugget sized lumps of icey snow fell. 7 inches total fell last nite. This week we've had a total of about 13 inches of snow.

Took me an hour or so to get the 1/4 inch of ice off my windshield, to drive home last nite. Then my ice scrapper broke. Had to buy a new one. And only have defrost too help(*heater doesn't work)accompanied by liquid ice melt. You couldn't even see the road, it was that bad. But I made it safely.

     2008-12-17 20:15:19 ET
So today sometime were ssuppose to have an ice storm, dropping 1/4 inch-1/2inch of ice. Then 6-7 inches of snow on top of the 5 inches we've had! Super......

     2008-12-17 08:51:31 ET
Have you ever banged someone, and completely forgot who they are? Then they call, and expect you too know who it is!

 Day 2 con't    2008-12-16 09:29:26 ET
So I have a plumber here. I'm gonna have to eventually tear out the entire ceiling of my hallway:( Needs to dry first. 3 pipe joints froze and then expanded! That's what caused the leaks.

I was superly grumpy, till I got my coffee. Boiled some ice cubes, to make some:P

 Day 2    2008-12-16 05:50:08 ET
Called my insurances claim dept last nite. Took lots of pics of the standing water, and a couple of walking videos(to show the extent of damage.).

Awoke to not being able to have some nice tea or coffee! Since the water is still off:( So I am quite grumpy right now!

Called some plumbers. They're on their way after another job.

It's not like I can really afford 45 an hour. But I don'y have the time, nor patience at this moment to struggle on the repair(*since it's hidden). Just have to suck it up.

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