2008-12-24 13:20:06 ET
I are cooking a 7 lb ham:P, and other niceties!

     2008-12-24 04:20:51 ET
Know something random that I miss. Having Tony hand out his yearly Quanza cards! First time I got one, I was like WTF? Then I realized it was just him, being himself!

 2 days.....    2008-12-22 22:56:09 ET
My middle brother arrived last nite with his lady from Colorado. We were going to go over to some extended familes house for Christmas, but that got canceled. So I'm cooking a nice 12lb glazed ham Christmas eve. And a huge turkey Christmas day. If anyone was in the area, the invites are out!

Come Springtime. I have alot to repair from Winter. A hall ceiling that's now bowed from a busted pipe! Fix air leaks, that are temporay caulked. And the notes written on scrap paper go on... Then comes the thought of where too work as a second job? Yeah! To pay for the above mentioned. I'll think of something.

Still need to finish shopping for the family visiting. At least I don't work Christmas eve or day. The only day of the year Walmart is actually closed. Imagine that!

     2008-12-21 02:47:57 ET
Just woke up 5 hours early before work. It was cold yesterday. I mean bitter cold. The daytime temp with the wind was -11. Whiteout conditions prevailed from the west, to the point where you could see no futher then about 500 feet. By the time I got off of work, it was about -26.

Still under a severe blizzard watch till Monday afternoon.Right now the temp without the 35mph winds is at -10. The sky is clear,But bone cold.Have the heat on, space heaters on here and there, wrapped in my plaid polar fleece robe and lounge pants, and am still shivering a bit! The police have advised as little travel as possible.And I work until 7pm tonight. Thrilling!!!

     2008-12-20 03:16:23 ET
Me doing last minutes things again. Have to go to the bank, the post office, before my 10am shift.

As I was getting things ready this morning. The lady pitched a fit, because she had ordered something for me from a coffee club. And is still getting in parcels from their introductory special. Looked at me, and said.."You wanna know how much this costing me for your Christmas gift!!!". I will rarely if ever tell anyone how much I spend at Christmas. First off. It's the mere thought of someone getting you something special, no matter how small or big!!! Second. The attitude made me wanna unwrap her pressies and take them back(*seriously)!Kind of like someone pissing in your cheerios!!! Destroys the illusion, of what Christmas is about.

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