Cold......    2009-01-16 05:33:26 ET
It was so cold here last nite at -35. That it cracked my car's windshield in half!!! Fucking spiffy!!!

     2009-01-15 13:59:21 ET
Last nite hit -33. So a mere temp of 3 would be considered warm! Today's high was -17. Took me just over an hour to warm the Caddie up. Had frost on the inside of the car windows! Can't wait for bikini season...Errrr....Spring!

 Jobs.....    2009-01-09 22:21:53 ET
Today I completed 1/3 of my mechanical room in the basement.Painted the brick and masonary with a primer/stain blocker. Decided to do this due to the moisture that sometimes accures in the basement. Once I've finished primering. I'm going to coat the mechanical room with an additonal paint layer of high gloss white masonary paint. Just because it's a medium sized area, with minimal lighting. And it'll make it less dingy looking.

Weighed myself today. Gained 4 lbs. Been trying to gain weight. I now weigh in at 156lbs,at 5ft 10. I need like another 10-15lbs more.*Pat's self on back:P

Have a temporary job interview and test on Monday. With the US Census bureau. Pays 14 an hour. It's for the position of enumerator. Basically tabulating households in the area. It lasts thru April.

Applied for another job within. Yeah! Another position in Walmart. It's a step under manager for a department.For lead produce. Full time, with all the bells and whistles. OJT training, then I'd be sent out of town to another Wallymart for more training. On grading produce and such. I look at it this way. Walmart isn't the most illustrious job in the world. But at least they aren't laying off people left and right like some companies!!! Out of 15 applicants. I was 1 of 3 chosen for the interview. I think it pays around 12-14 an hour? I should know the outcome in a few days. If I don't get it. I still have my assembler job, which isn't a shabby stint. At least I am trying. As opposed to not trying!

Tonight at work we had more employees than customers! First we got hit by an ice storm most of the day. Then snow.By the time I got off at 10pm. The condition was a complete "white out". 6 inches plus of snow, on top of the ice. Not fun to drive in. Took me 25 minutes to drive home 2 miles. I got home safe, and that's what matters most. I was greeted by my 17lb cat with lots of purrs. That made up for a shitty week!

 Rear wheel drive.....    2009-01-05 23:34:54 ET
Sunday blew chunks! I mean really blew! So I'm scheduled to work at Wallyworld at 11am. Fair enough. Get ready, feed the animals(5 cats and a dog), get some toast to nibble on, and some coffee for the ten minute drive to work. Takes me just over 20 minutes to warm the Caddie up. The last thing I wanna do is crack a 7.0 litre 425 v-8 engine block! Just vegging in the car, scraping ice off the windshield. Back into the car to get a smoke. I am poised to go to work, get the day over and be done with it! I back up outta my parking space at a snails pace.Cause I saw a wee bit of ice. Backed up okay.Put her in drive. And continued at the same snail pace, just as I passed 8th street(south side of my house). I feel some slight fishtailing going on. Get near my neighbours funeral home, and fishtail directly into the curb! WTF??? Try to back up, and regain myself. And fishtail not once, but seven times. At this point, I'm already late for work. So I call in and let them know, I'll be there as soon as I can. Since driving a rear wheel drive vehicle on ice sucks. I decided to back up. To my left I see a parking lot, that's nice and dry. Unfortunately the incline on the driveway is 28-33 degrees and covered with ice. Fuck that! So I put the Caddie in reverse. And slowly drive backwards up my street. Fishtailed another half dozen times. I'm starting to pass 8th street while driving backwards, and I end up sliding westwards on 8th street. At first sideways, then backwards. It's now 11:20am. I am livid. A smoke and some head would probaly help!Pulled forwards back onto my street. And continued to reverse the beast back into my parking spot. Ended up calling a co-worker for a lift too work.

     2008-12-31 02:57:44 ET
Sick again. We already knew I was that type of sick. But seriously. Got some type of flu again! Semi feverish, feel parched, and a wee bit of shivers. And on new years eve! At least I have tonight off of work.Bleh.....

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