Water leak...............    2008-12-15 19:43:26 ET
It's 11:30pm, and I figured I'd be in bed by now! Yeah! Fucking right!

The lady came at 6 ish from, and we had made plans to go shopping. Did that. Hit Arby's on the way home. Got home, heard this running water sound. Headed towards the bathroom.And looked at the ceiling. Water pouring from the second floor.All down the walls(*1st floor ceilings are 14ft high.),on the floor, a little over 8 inches in the basement. Fuck, fuck, fuckity ,fuck, fuck!!!! Zoomed upstairs to the master bathroom, that's in the works. And notice a 1/2 in pipe cap, has shot off, and a hume plume of water is shooting in the air. Quickly ran downstairs. Shut the ball valves off that are for the upstairs, then cut the water to the house. Hacked the 3/4in pipes a little ways and jimmy rigged some stops on the ends of the pipes. So now, no water will go upstairs. Just giving them a few minutes to cool, before turning the houses water back on. And Winter has barely started.Shite..............

 Cold....    2008-12-14 21:15:55 ET
Survived another Sunday at work. Not too many people out today.

At 9ish it was about 40 or so degrees, almost shorts weather. By 10am the temp dropped to 13 degrees, with 20mph wind.

Now the temp is at a chilly fucking zero! With 40mph winds. So I guess it's in the low negative 20's now. We are under a severe chill watch till noon tomorrow. And I'm sitting here listening to Missing Persons.....Go figure that one out!

     2008-12-14 04:54:30 ET

Where Gage and I use to reside, in my hometown.

They didn't even leave a tip!!!

     2008-12-13 08:38:08 ET
2pm till 11pm tonight! I hate the late mid shift! I get all sort of fucking yahoos trapessing thru my aisles. Once again, I really can't do too much around the house, cause the day is cut in half! Better get ready and don on the dark blue shirt I wear, That I fucking hate as well! But I get to wear jeans , unlike most associates:P

Anyhow. Got my Xmas bonus from Pella. Minus the 48% gift tax, insurance, garnishments, and a slew of other crap. I ended up with 83 bucks and some change!

Also Pella is scaling back their full timers too. By a 1/3. Super!

     2008-12-11 12:12:16 ET
An hour before work. Hate going to work from 5pm-10pm. Cuts the entire day in half, as well as the evening! Will probaly end up zoning the toy section again, and probaly lumping another semi. It's quiet here right now.Except for the quiet hum of my laptop. It'll proaly be the same when I get back too. She'll be in bed. I'll try to snuggle, and get denied for the umptenth time. Maybe I'll fall asleep on the couch? At least the cats will keep me company. Or I could stay up and take snap shots? Snapshots of my resident ghosts. Stare luridly at the tree, watch the lite twinkle till I pass out? Hmmm....The possibilities are endless.

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