2008-05-14 01:20:54 ET
So I'm cooking dinner last nite. When my lady tells me...That she'd be making more money in California. And she feels that, she is too overwhelmed by the work that needs doing on the house. And there are alternatives to, living in this house. Say... Moving back to California and living with her parents! My mouth dropped, as did my insides!!!

First off. I try to make an effort to do bits on the house during the weekday. But get griped at because if I work too much after work, dinner gets served kinda late. Secondly. On weekends when I plan to do projects, she always calls me from work, asking for lunch, or for me too hang out and keep her company. How do you fucking expect me to accomplish anything this way????

Am frustrated, peeved, and fed the fuck up!

One more day until my weekend! One more day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

     2008-05-09 04:10:25 ET
Yesterday was a continuation of Tuesday. A usual non communication day! Completed another 64 linear feet of ducting(60hx55w), was done by 7:30am. So I screwed off, just looking busy for a bit. Then I got thrown downstairs to help an egotistical prick of a co-worker. So the rest of the day was refilling in a storm sewer area, removing rock and rubble, and repacking the area. My co-worker took it upon himself to take 4 10 minute breaks while I slaved on a busy street, cleaning up dirt. My job was to load the dump truck, with the found rocks and cement slag and bricks that were found while digging. On the last load of shite to go into the dump truck, I turtled the Bobcat(flipped it backwards onto it's engine housing cover). So I'm struggling to flip her back over, while a line of cars watches in disbelief. After getting my bearing, I flipped her back.

Contacted an ex historian for the county on Wednesday.She was a very pleasent lady. Found out that the house was across the street from the old Masonic temple when it burnt down.A young girl named Lillian Sherman, watched as the temple was burnt to the ground. I can verify this. When Gage and I were renovating part of the kitchen we found smoke inhalation damage on some of the timbers. This area is where the microwave and cooker are.Which was origionally a porch, then a storage room, then a bathroom, and now an extension of the kitchen. The historian is going to contact me sometime this week, with more info. She said she's not sure if it was the great fire of 1876, or perhaps the fire of 1913. Whatever the case. The houses mysteries unravels.

     2008-05-07 06:44:50 ET
So I'm at home today. Feeling nautious and flushed as fuck!! I had the dishonour of working outside all yesterday. Almost 13 hours of digging trenches to locate a damaged storm drain sewer, at the local hospital.Some dumb ass boring company destroyed a storm drain, that has been seeping into the hospital basement since November of last year. Couldn't get to it due to the frost. Shoveling thru layers of clay, and sediment by hand. With a sticky tempreature of 80 degrees, with the sun shining then not shining. I almost got 2nd degree sunburn. My knuckles, wrists, forearms, ears and neck are still beet red. Been soaking the burns in vinegar, to stop the burnig sensations. Didn't eat last nite, and went to bed around 7 ish(got home a little after 6 pm). So I feel extra spiffy today....Not!!!! Nothing more fun then being knee high in storm water, burning to a crisp. Then to top it off, doing figure 8's in a Bobcat, to repack all the dirt where your leadman said to dig, and it was the wrong area to begin with!!! What a dorkus!!!!

     2008-05-03 05:50:08 ET
Busy busy busy.....,

1)Rear porch has been deconstructed. A nice sized woodpile adorns the concrete slab in my backyard. 8, 40 gallon bags of old insulation, keeps the wood pile company. Area has been sprayed for insects and termites. All previous holes cut thru brick and masonary have been sealed. Dead electrical wires and cables have been removed. Floor joists underneath the laundry room, which is now being turned into a rear mudroom, have been insulated.

2)Lawn has been mowed twice. And ready to plant our first tree. A 6 ft flame maple on the south side of the house(8th street).

3)Former mudroom has had some drywall work done. The old washer box, has been removed, gutted, and repatched up.

We found out our house use to be located on 6th and adams streets. Where the US cellular building is now, that was a former post office. Cirica 1924. House was moved in 1916-1917, from it's former place. Found a very small pic of where the house use to be. Now I have to go thru oodles of microfilm to find out more infomation.

So! How has your weekend been so far?
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     2008-04-25 05:26:18 ET
Yesterday sucked balls! It was a beautiful sunny day, with a high of 72. Too nice of a day to be at work. Supposibly were going to get snow today. WTF!!!!

Anyhow. Things were going okay at work. I was assembling some ducting, for the hospitals HVAC system. Earlier in the week, I had to disassemble 400 linear feet of fiberglass wraped ducting, since the architects can't seem to decide what the fuck is going on, with reguards to the layout of things!

So I'm pounding sheet metal with my new hammer. And I'm called away, to hoist up a 120lb section of ducting.The area where this piece needs to go, is almost inaccesable. So the slob on the ladder(from previous entries), get on a motorized scissor jack, and elevates it. So I'm on the ground lifting this cumbersome metallic piece of shite by myself.Ladder boy installs some mastic(putty used on ducting seals), and throws the trash on the floor. I pick it up, and throw it away. Then another piece of trash is thrown down. I'm already up a 14ft ladder, getting ready to move the duct in place. Ladder boy then tries to pull rank on me. And says I have to pick up the trash!I tell him, I'll pick it up once this section is in place. So he's being a total cock snot, and tells me if I don't pick it up, to go home! I tell him no. He tells me to go home 4 times! So I get my leadman(the weasel, who's a bigger asshole).I ask him, if anyone besides the leadman, has the authority to send someone home. He says only he has the authority. He asks why! I told him ladder boy, just stepped out of rank, and tried to send me home.Apparently, someone else thinks their a leadman.And I refuse to proceed till, someone tells me who's in charge!!! He rushes over and asks ladder boy, if he said that. Ladder boy said I was being insubordinate with reguards to trash. The leadman said he didn't have the right to order me so rudely, or for that matter to throw trash whereever. Then ladder boy said he had 10 years experience. I then said,"I have you ranked by 4 years. So shut that gaping mawl you call a mouth, and shut up!". Ladder boy then fumbled to say something. I then said he was dumber then a cancelled 2 cent stamp!The leadman said he'd have write up a report about the situation. I said fine. I'd be more then happy to sign one, and write a brief statement about what had just transpired!The leadman looked back at ladder boy, then at me. Said nothing, and not another word was spoken.

So....How was your week?

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