2008-01-22 10:31:44 ET
Home again early today again!!!! Thursday is usually my Friday, Had to leave last Thursday early since my lady(as goodhearted as she is)decided to move my piece of shit vehicle, and jammed the key in the ignition. A 2 1/2 mile walk home thru whiteout conditions at -12(+6 inches of snow).To fiddle around with all the vehicles fuses. Finally got the key unjammed.

Today there was an announcement on the radio about the police ticketing vehicles parked on the street due to snow plows. A neighbour called me at work to let me know I had been ticketed:( a 50 dollar fine, plus towing if it wasn't moved! Got a ride home, and moved my vehicle. Got another city warning to remove the snow from my sidewalks which I did Sunday and Monday, Like I have the fucking time at 5am to do so. When I have to be at work. Fucking celestial dandruff(snow).......

     2008-01-17 01:53:51 ET
Ever have a supervisor that is a complete tool. And not a sharp one at that! Rather rusty and dull to be more precise. Did your supervisor ever turn around, and thoughts of smacking them with a ball peen hammer point blank come too mind? And then the thought just vanishes like a record being jarred off a turn table? Welcome to my week and life!!!

 Pissed    2008-01-09 01:44:04 ET
Only a daily basis, I walk to work a block and a half. Catch a ride to the current job site, do my thing, come home. Yesterday my ususal ride called in sick. So I schleped back home, to get my vehicle. Started her up. And I could hear a whining noise from the breaker box under the hood(*Same thing happened New Years eve.), no power what so ever!(*already replaced the fuel pump and a new battery). I scrambled just to try and remove my keys. Hurried back to work. Missed all rides. So I hoofed it two and a half miles to the local hospital. I were pissed!!! Then at the end of shift. Hoofed it back home. So now I have to try and scrape the greenbacks that are non existent, to get a computer diagnosis.It never fucking ends does it?

     2008-01-04 17:22:50 ET
I was at a conveince store today that wasn't conveinent! The lady and I wanted to get a pizza to go. So we asked the clerk attending the store if the veggie pizza was any good. The reply I got was like "Wha?". The clerk said,"She wasn't for sure if the pizza was good?".I so held back trying not to gramatically correct the clerk.How can you use that in such a dumb context? I also hear people say out here."I'm not for sure if the corn is ready for pickig?" Shouldn't it be. "I'm not sure that the corn is ready for picking?"

     2008-01-01 14:45:12 ET
New Years day. We decided not to go out last night. It was 3 degrees and with the wind...-10. So fuck that idea! Today came around. High of 7, with wind....-15. Once again, fuck that idea! May continue watching the Heroes boxed set I got the lady, or resume watching season 1 of Deadwood(*then 2 more boxed sets to go!). I miss wearing wife beaters.......

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