2007-12-28 09:32:51 ET
Got a few clothes for Christmas. I mainly needed new workboots, and a good pair of thermal coveralls. It's hard to keep warm in the low teens when your coveralls are strewn with holes galore.Aew zippo would have been nice too, mine died horribly!

A new workshop radio and a led work lite were cool gifts I received. Plus all 3 seasons of Deadwood, candy to help my dentist smile when I get more cavities! Didn't get any new video games which sucked balls!

Overall It was great to see my brother and finally have a significant other during the holiday season:)

     2007-12-26 13:47:25 ET
Today for some reason seemed like Monday, though it's technically Wednesday...*Bleh. Monday, Wednesday still shitty. I almost didn't make it to work today. Having 5 days off, kind of saps any intention of ever going back to work!

My brother from northern Cali, and his lady from Ft.Collins stopped by for the holidays. Don't you hate when you don't see family you get along with for awhile, they visit, and by the time they leave your like WTF? Since your so not use to hanging around people that often. He had to leave today. Didn't get a chance to see him off. But hopefully he bypassed the 1-3 inches of snow that was slated for today. And the 5-7 for Friday. There's even talk of the both of them moving to Ames :)

Tired and sick. The lady decided not to work today cause she was sick like. So I are taking back some videos, doing laundry, cleaning and cooking. Waking up at 4:30am comes way too early.........

     2007-12-23 08:12:28 ET
My brother is visiting from northern California, with his lady that lives in Fort Collins,Co. Nice to have him around here for the holidays for the second year in a row. Beforehand, I hadn't seen him in five years. Too long of a gap between visits. Especially when you don't have much family left!!!

Todays high is suppose to be 16, with 45 mph winds. So they say. I think with the wind, it's more like -7. Still have to finish up some odds and ends for Christmas shopping(*as per usual).

 Fucking fucks............    2007-12-13 13:31:29 ET
Tired as fuck comes to mind. My face is windburnt to the point of wearing a wife beater outside in 19 degree weather sounds appealing.

One of our foremen decided not to shore a trench we were digging. 8 feet deep. The base of the soil was clay. Also the frost had reached to the two foot level.I reluctently went into the trench to calibrate the pitch of a sanitary drain line. Looked okay. On my way out, half the trench collapsed on me!!! I was buried waist deep in soil and clods of clay weighing in at 200 lbs plus. Luckily I turned just as the trench collapsed, so my face was pretty much against the wall. Being semi clostrophobic. I scurried to remove what clods around me I could reach/ lift.Found a nearby half buried shovel, and started scooping away. Two co-workers jumped into the trench, and 25 minutes later I was free. Lost my gum and starbursts and a pack of smokes. I was fucking livid at the foreman. I was half tempted to brain him with the metal end of the shovel.

So....How was your Thursday?

     2007-12-13 13:22:59 ET

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