2007-12-13 13:22:56 ET

 Friday.............    2007-12-07 07:38:24 ET
Chilling with the fourth cup of coffee for the day. Outside is a balmy 15 degrees.

Yesterday at the Sac city(*The word Sac makes ya wanna say testicle for some reason. Or. I got kicked in the Sac!)hospital job site. It started out okay moving rock with a skid loader, until the 30 mph winds kicked up, and it started snowing. Controling a bobcat on 6 plus inches of ice(*I admit it, I was doing figure 8's on the ice!), with the added 5 inches of snow we got yesterday makes for a long day! At noonish, my foreman decided to head back to the shop. A 40 minute drive took almost two hours with less then a mile of visibility. By the time we made it back, the tempreature dropped to about 7 degrees with the wind.

Now I'm debating if I really want to go outside right now.................

 Brrr........................    2007-11-28 15:45:40 ET
What can I say. It's Wednesday, and one more day left in my week. Then another 3 days off:)

Worked in the Guthrie Centre hospital basement doing drywall patching all day long. Sucked dressing up for work with thermals underneath work clothing!103 degrees in the basement, go outside for a smokie break and it's 24 degrees with 45 mph winds:P Chills chills and more chills.....Like fuckin brrrrrr....................

 Monday    2007-11-26 14:50:40 ET
So I awoke as per usual this morning, to a dog laying across my old man slippers. Schleped down stairs to brew coffee for work. Was greeted by cats 1 and 4 of 5. Wandered into the bathroom to wash my face and noticed a huge scratch going from the corner of my right eye, down to my jawbone. I guess one of the cats was being clumsey. Surprise I didn't awake too it?

But at least Mondays over for this week!

 Ears are bleeding.........................................    2007-11-25 15:07:14 ET
I have this friend who is deciding to move to Washington state. Just got off the phone with him trying to validate the reasons he should move! So my ear holes are fucking bleeding again!!! Prior to me switching jobs, I would have to hear about it on the way to work, on the way home, and another hour of two at home while trying to chill and relax. Obviously his mind has been made up for the 3-4 months. Point is, tired of hearing about it. Tired of hearing how much better things are going be there.
Then he states he's going to do construction in the form of finish carpentry. When he previously stated no more construction work for him ever...*Shakes head!

But here's the real kicker. Like an episode of Springer. He's moving in with his ex(*a previous one he had an affair with, that ensued with her getting a divorce!). She's engaged now. But while he was over there visiting her when Gage and I lived with him he did his ex's friend while he a girlfriend here. Now he's probaly hooking up with the girl he had an affair with. And gonna live in his ex's basement apartment.I should write a friggin Tv show about all the inane shite people do.

Things are what you make it. Home is what you make it(*minus living in your mum and dad's basement!). In general life is what you make it.

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