A tasty combination    2004-10-16 20:16:22 ET
Two great things unexpectedly brought together:

Metal and Belly Dancing

Amusing though that they say they're available for children's parties.
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     2004-10-12 11:00:18 ET
Loads and loads of stuff has happened since I last posted - lots of it shitty. The details can be found on my Livejournal. It was bad enough writing about it all once, so I didn't write anything here.

Anyway, here is a lighthearted survey, yoinked from Antony Green:

(x) I have been drunk
(x) I have kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) I have kissed a member of the same sex
( ) I crashed a friend's car
( ) I have been to Japan
(x) I rode in a taxi
( ) I have been in love (not real, I think I want to marry this person love)
(x) I've had sex
(?) I've had sex in public (depends on the definition of public...I mean, not only at home, but not in the dairy aisle at the supermarket)
( ) I've shoplifted
(x) I have been fired
( ) I have cut myself on purpose
(x) I have been in a fist fight
(x) I've had a 3-some
( ) I've snuck out of my parent's house
(x) I have been tied up
(x) I have been caught masturbating
( ) I have been arrested
(x) I've made out with a stranger
(?) I've stolen something from my job (Do pens count?)
( ) I've celebrated New Year's in Times Square
(x) I've gone on a blind date
(x) I've had a crush on a teacher
( ) I've celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
( ) I have been to Europe
(x) I've skipped school
( ) I've slept with a co-worker
(x) I have thrown up in a bar (made it to the bathroom, yeah!)
(x) I have purposely set myself on fire
(x) I have eaten sushi
( ) I have been snowboarding
(x) I have been snow skiing
(x) I have made a snow angel
(x) I have been happy with myself
( ) I have met a movie star
( ) I had sex in a pool
( ) I went to a prom
( ) I've bungee jumped
(x) I have been to a pop concert
( ) I have dated someone for over a year
( ) I sold naked pictures of myself (no, but I will send naked pictures of myself to all of you unless I receive $50....damn, I'll be so rich!)
(x) I have been in a car accident
(x) I have slept in the nude
(x) I've eaten cheesecake
( ) I've had jury duty
(x) I've hated someone without knowing them
( ) I have been to Maine
(x) I've shot a real gun
(x) I've ran around with my trousers around my ankles
(x) I've had sex with someone within a week of meeting them
( ) I've done ecstasy
(x) I've gotten my ass kicked
( ) I've been caught smoking
( ) I've milked a cow
(x) I've got in a verbal fight with a teacher
( ) I've cheated on someone
( ) Lied one time in this survey
( ) Lied more then once in this survey
( ) Threw a party at a friends house when they were gone
(x) Partied every weekend for the last month
(x) Sniffed markers to get high
(x) Slept for more than 15 hours at a time
(x) Petted a live wild animal
(x) Kissed someone in the snow
( ) Found a four leaf clover
(x) Gave your parents the finger behind a closed door
( ) Gotten drunk in Germany (not yet - it's one of my dreams!)
(x) Cried in public
( ) Cried in public in the last 5 days
(x) Been hit on by a member of the same sex
( ) Been asked to perform oral sex by a complete stranger
(?) Have unknowingly been the other man/woman in a relationship (If I have been, I still don't know....)
( ) Have knowingly been the other man/woman in a relationship
( ) Hates the SuicideGirls.com banner
(x) Bitched at someone
(x) Been bitched at
(x) Saved a friend from a bad situation
(x) Went to a baseball game
(x) Went to a football game
(x) Went to a basketball game
(x) Spent the weekend at a friend's
(x) Sucked my thumb
( ) Purposefully failed a grade
(x) Got picked on in school
( ) Dressed like the popular kids
( ) Joined the military
(x) Been to the beach
( ) Had a TY Beanie collection
( ) Had a blonde moment
(x) Love your mom
(x) Love your dad
(N/A) Gotten along with a step-parent
( ) Gotten a piercing
(x) Told a friend you didn't like their boyfriend/girlfriend
(x) Confronted your parents
(x) And lived to see the next day
( ) Liked Barney
(x) Liked Teletubbies (in a Stewie sort of way - while it's on they're hypnotic!)
(x) Bought a friend a gift
( ) And still haven't sent it yet
( ) Is innocent
(x) Is perverted (please do visit Toronto for proof!)
(x) Bought something but never used it

 Time.cx    2004-09-14 11:25:59 ET
I think the artists at Time magazine have been looking at goatse.cx:


 Unfortunate product name    2004-09-07 16:38:26 ET
The Gentleman's Relish

This part of their suggested uses is kind of amusing:

"Make a white sauce (thoroughly mix butter, The Gentlemanís Relish, flour, seasoning, boil some milk, and slowly beat into the mixture)."


 Terminated!    2004-09-03 08:04:48 ET
"It's a fact ó as a child he could not have seen a Soviet tank in Styria," the southeastern province where Schwarzenegger was born and raised, historian Stefan Karner told the Vienna newspaper Kurier.


Tsk tsk, Arnie - you shouldn't make things up.
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