Conservalicious?    2004-07-31 10:20:27 ET
You know you're taking your ideology way too seriously when...

 La la la la la la la la    2004-07-29 06:58:43 ET
This is almost as silly and addictive as badger badger badger.

 I love the smell of napalm in the morning!    2004-07-26 06:24:08 ET
Cause gasoline jello is the best flavour, I guess.

 More proof that the Japanese really are fucked up    2004-06-29 09:10:46 ET -flavoured ice cream!
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 Canada...needs...women!    2004-06-25 11:08:30 ET
Stripper shortage in Canada

Whatever shall we do?! PANIC! :-P
Heh....I didn't know there was a such a serious shortage of strippers they had to be imported like crazy.

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