Toronto wins over the hardest of hearts    2004-06-24 07:29:36 ET
A man drove from the Maritimes with a carload of guns and ammunition, vowing to kill as many people in Toronto as he could before a last-minute encounter with a wandering dog inspired a change of heart.

This must have been one hell of a cute dog.

 Just came across this wonderful word today    2004-06-23 16:35:31 ET
Mamihlapinatapai is a word which desperately needs to be snatched up by the English language. If only it were't so long and unwieldy. Then again, we do use similarly long and difficult words like schadenfreude. It's from the language of the Yaghan, a people who live in Tierra del Fuego, and essentially means this:

"To look at each other, each hoping the other will offer to do something which both parties much desire done but which neither is willing to do."

I've definitely been in that situation, and quite recently, too. Now I have a word for it. Cool!

 It's a nice evening    2004-06-22 17:48:36 ET
And I'm all alone, but that's just okay. :)

     2004-06-15 20:48:03 ET
Sometimes quite little things have me howling in hysterics, like this:

Note what it says underneath the blurb about the American defence industry employee who's missing in Saudi Arabia.

Yep....the security there does blow.

 What an embarassing name!    2004-06-08 12:54:37 ET

I've seen minorly embarassing (in English) Chinese names before, but this one takes the cake!

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