Hey, kids! It's puzzle time with Uncle Osama!    2004-08-30 12:53:38 ET
So it IS possible to be amused and outraged at the same time...

Kids get bags of candy containing World Trade Centre attack toy

 The worst music video ever!    2004-08-23 11:33:14 ET
You touch my tra-la-la!


 "Trick" or treat!    2004-08-20 02:11:13 ET
Is your little girl tired of dressing up as a cat or a fairy? This year, she can don the Child Ho costume. Just hope nobody makes her work for her candy.

The boys aren't left out of the fun - there's a Child Pimp Suit just for them!

Why, oh why, don't people *think* before selling this stuff?


 Now this here is fucked up...    2004-08-13 15:18:08 ET
Leonard Peikoff, the self-proclaimed intellectual heir to Ayn Rand herself has endorsed Kerry for President (in a grudging "choose the lesser evil" way) on the basis that he believes that George Bush has been attempting to entrench an anti-rational Christian fundamentalism in the US government. I think he has a point - though perhaps he's a bit jealous that Christian fundamentalists have been rather more successful than his sort of fundamentalists. It still comes as a surprise to me.

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     2004-08-05 09:17:22 ET
I just found out today that Laibach are going on tour to North America, including Toronto, this November.

Tour dates here

I could just squeal like a teenage girl...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

So sue me if I'm late in finding stuff out.
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