Bye bye, Vatikan    2004-06-07 12:51:09 ET
Used goth club for sale!

How they manage to define sewer service as a feature and it being located "In The Heart Of The City's Dark Club District" when to the extent there is such a thing, it's nowhere particularly near it, I don't know.

 So it IS possible to use too much lube    2004-05-17 14:40:19 ET

A man is accused of applying Vaseline petroleum jelly to every surface in his room at a Motel Six near Binghamton, New York.

After Roger Chamberlain checked out last week, the cleaning crew discovered mattresses and bedding were slathered with the slippery stuff. Vaseline covered the TV set, furniture, carpeting and towels -- and everything else in the room.

Police found 14 empty Vaseline containers and numerous pornographic magazines in the room's trash can.

Damage to the motel room and its contents was estimated at over $1,000.

A sheriff's deputy found the Virginia man a short time later at another motel. The deputy said the man was "smeared from head to foot with Vaseline."

 Owwie owwie owwie!!!    2004-05-05 06:16:39 ET
Might as well post the toothache saga here as well:

6:05 am
Not happy at ALL
I have a toothache and it's hurting like a bastard! And no, there's nothing for me to do about it except to whine about it here because there's no dentist's office open for another TWO HOURS. :(

It's seriously awful...I mean, if on a scale on 1 to 10, 10 is the worst pain I've ever felt in my life from anything, this is AT LEAST an 8...and it goes on and on and on. And it's an incisor too, so if they have to take it out it's really going to suck!

Fuck, give me opiates or give me death!

9:13 am
Update on the toothache...after an ungodly amount of ibuprofen, it's tolerable....just. First few dentists I went to were closed or all booked up for the day so now I'm at work and I'll have to see if I can line one up for later in the afternoon. My old dentist, that I went to for years and probably would have managed to fit me in no matter what - retired last year. I, of course, procrastinated on finding a new here I am. Wow, I suck.

11:06 am
Okay, found a new dentist - the animated tooth on their web page sells me!

Well, the fact they can actually give me an appointment sells me. They also seem pretty nice. I'll let everyone know if I still have any teeth later on.

     2004-05-04 12:11:51 ET
I am in total agreement with the squirrel.

1 comment

 Testing 1...2...Brain!    2004-04-27 11:16:01 ET

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 50%
Visual : 50%
Left : 70%
Right : 29%

Doug, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant with a balanced preference for auditory and visual inputs. Because of your "centrist" tendencies, the distinctions between various types of brain usage are somewhat blurred.

Your tendency to be organized and logical and attend to details is reasonably well-established which should afford you success regardless of your chosen field of endeavor, unless it requires total spontaneity and ability to improvise, your weaker traits. However, you are far from rigid or overcontrolled. You possess a degree of individuality, perceptiveness, and trust in your intuition to function at much more sophisticated levels than most.

Having given sufficient attention to detail, you can readily perceive the larger aspects and implications of a situation or of learning. You are functional and practical, but can blend abstraction and theory into your framework readily.

The equivalence of your auditory and visual learning orientation gives you two equally effective sensory input systems, each with distinctive features. You can process both unidimensionally and multidimensionally with equal facility. When needed, you sequence material while at other times you "intake it all" and store it for processing later.

Your natural ability to use your senses is also synthesized in your way of learning. You can be reflective in your approach, absorbing material in a non-aggressive manner, and at other times voracious in seeking out stimulation and experience.

Overall you tend to be somewhat more critical of yourself than is necessary and avoid enjoying life too much because of a sense of duty. You feel somewhat constrained and tend to sometimes restrict your expressiveness. In any given situation, you will opt for the rational, and learning of almost any type should be easy for you. You might need certain ideas explained to you in order to fit them into your scheme of things, but you're at least open to that!


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