New words make life better - or do they?    2004-02-28 22:27:11 ET
Quirkyalone sounds ever so much better than fucked-up single loser.

 So pathetic, so funny!    2004-02-23 11:17:44 ET
This article about the goings-on at a Nazi skinhead festival in Arizona starts off with a Nazi skinhead who happens to be black(???) getting escorted off the property and just gets stupider from there. The lameness is overwhelming.

 Black Death...come to love me...    2004-02-19 03:24:22 ET
Black Death vaccine developed...only 650 years too late!

The researcher's name is a riot!

 I choo-choose you!    2004-02-14 11:20:43 ET
Happy V-Day to those who are having happy V-Day. To those like myself who are not, welcome to the pity party!

Enough chocolate will make it all better. :)

 Don't mess with the classics!    2004-02-08 13:11:51 ET
Someone, I found out through hearing it at a club last night, has done a dance cover of Iron Maiden's Wasted Years. I'd like to know who it is - so I can KILL THEM.

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