I like the picture.
2005-02-02 07:49:51 ET

Take the quiz: "Find your IQ (pictures)"

Genius IQ 141 and above
Wow. Your IQ is 141 and above. Meaning you are smart as hell. Intelligence probably runs in your family but you are probably very modest about your intelligence and may down play it to feel like you belong. Rock ON Smart Ass!

2005-02-01 07:38:32 ET

...we enter the world of late assignments and cutting class. I'm so bad ass!

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Doomed and tossed...
2005-01-30 21:42:32 ET

At what cost???


Headbangers Unite!
2005-01-25 18:49:31 ET

"Let's all join forces
Rule with an iron hand
And prove to all the world
Metal rules the land"

-Halford, Tipton and Downing

Comment on this post if you consider yourself a defender of the faith, the faith of hard rock and what the brits call heavy met-el.

Bad Music
2005-01-24 19:50:27 ET

Is there such a thing? Discuss.

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