Ripping off lovelusthateyou's latest post
2005-01-09 11:42:37 ET

King Diamond - April 20th - BB King
Allman Brothers - March 10 - 19 - Beacon Theatre

March 10 - 19, which date? I pretty sure I'll see both bands. King Diamond happens right before my birthday =)

Yeah, I know, not as many shows as lovelusthateyou but I can't think of any others at the moment.

2005-01-05 21:46:04 ET

"Ozzfest, with so many great bands. Slipknot, I think they made the best album of '04. They need to be honoured. I think the guys are up for a Grammy. Outside of that, I think they deserve Best Album of '04."
--Bill Ward (Drummer, Black Sabbath)

I hated Slipknot when I saw them in 2000 and I hated hearing them on the radio way back when I listened to radio. What can I say? It just doesn't compare to any music previously released. Bill mentions other modern bands but fails to mention Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society. I suppose my statements regarding Slipknot are pretty premature since I haven't even heard their "nu" album. *Oh, he said nu, DISS SON!"

My day
2005-01-03 17:53:46 ET

Today, I frantically handed in my PHP/SQL project. It's a piece of shit but it works. I don't think the TA cared for the demonstration much and I can't blame him. It took a whole three minutes to boot up my laptop because it needed to do a fsck. Maybe I was being a bit overkill by having my laptop run as an Apache/MySQL/PHP server to do the project. It took me most of my time working on the project to set up the server apps. I'll post the site whenever I get my sparc to run properly.

I even dropped by Professor Sterling's office. He's one my favorite professors and I've had him for Operating Systems (which I failed) this semester. We discussed my retake of the course and how it might suit me to take it with the other professor. I ended the conversation (which seemed to have lasted an hour) on a sad note blabbering about my life story.

Also worth mentioning is my sighting of Mr Galliana (or at least I thought it was him). He was an Asst. Scoutmaster while I was in Troop 5414 back when I was in the seventh grade. He left the scouts after his son earned Eagle. I sort of remember him as a mentor and all that. What I really remember about him is his son Chris. He was the big Senior Patrol Leader when I was just a squirt that didn't fit in. Chris used to get all the chicks and so did his pal Nick. Good pair of guys. Perhaps I'll cross these people in the near future.

Is it possible?
2005-01-02 11:23:53 ET

Is it possible to find a girl who doesn't ALWAYS talk about how unhappy she is?

My Pride and Joy
2005-01-01 18:28:25 ET

A picture of my pride and joy.

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