Happy Veterans day!
2003-11-11 16:54:51 ET

Well, I wasn't supposed to celebrate today but I did anyways. I only had one class today (that shitty comp arch lecture) but I said fuck it!

I got nothing done today. I'm a useless man.

M4D CH1X III (A Dangerous Meeting)
2003-11-09 19:00:27 ET

Please stick with my long post. I havent been successful (comment wise) with my other long post but I don't get a chance to update much so I really can't avoid long post. Just pick one paragraph and take it to mind. You don't even have to comment.

The weekend started off on friday with my submission of physics lab report number 4. I didn't even bother to goto any classes that day cause I'm sick of useless recitations that teach me nothing.

On friday evening, I embarked on another pilgrimege to lamours. I got there by eightish.

I didn't find any of my friends either. I looked all over! I did meet this guy named Davey. I knew his face from the bus I ride on the Island. He's an alright guy! Didn't catch him after the show as planned.

Its official! Lamours is a bad place to meet chix! I spent the whole night just checking out the babes but they were with guys. If they're not with guys, they're just too bitchy to handle.

Well, I was patient enough not to waste my energy on the crap opening bands. The openers were so crap that looking for my friends was the best excuse for walking away from whatever was playing.

As for the band? King Diamond was the man I came to see. It was a transcental experience that I will treasure forever, just like Maiden, Rush...

KD has the coolest stage show starring Grandma, the Puppet, Abigail, Mariam. YES, he had people dress up as these characters.

I was stuck in the pit for this show. I needed a good spot and that was it. Not off to the side and behind the railings (as usual) but in the pit, close to the king himself! The pit was "xtreme" and now my boots need to get... SHINE! Yes (Mitch, listen carefully), not chux but boots are definitly a must for a show like that.

I had an interesting converstation with this dude on the way home. Just because of this random drunken conversation (him, not me), I now must read the gunslinger by Stephen King and get two revolvers.

Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Nobles to buy the new Rush in Rio dvd. I also got the new 2600 mag. I wanted to somehow meet females there but that wasn't in the cards. I made plans to see Kill Bill with parents later in the evening.

Kill Bill was great but my dad hated it because it didn't have much of a "story". My dad loves the other 4 ta..tino (spelling) movies but this one wasn't up to his standards.

Today, I went to a new cousin's christening party on Hylan blvd (near enamon's house, should've planned on stopping by) Yeah, the whole thing looked like a Joey G film. Any Staten Islander would know what I'm talking about.

Now, back to math or cs homework. All due tomorrow at 6pm, shit0rs. Oh, and I got a six (out of 36) on that cs midterm. Fux0rs!


I was just using windows.
2003-11-09 18:26:13 ET

I needed to run some version of matlab... but it turns out I didn't need to enough to run windows. Someone give me a unix copy! I could haggle the help desk at school to help me download the copy from matlab's website but they're a bunch of lazy fuckers.

I'm tired and I wanna go home
2003-11-06 09:07:20 ET

I'm just sitting here in the cozy little library typing up my lab report. Someone amuse me.

Well, I'm up from my slumber!
2003-11-04 15:48:04 ET

Lets see if I get any work done by the time I get back to sleep.

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