New stuff that's happening....2004-03-15 07:56:46 ET

K, so the ring is half paid for. I can't wait to pick it up next Saturday.

Got to see my nephew yesterday. And again, he was asleep. He stirred for a minute, opened his eyes and smiled when he saw me. Maybe he thought I was his dad. But he's so friggin' adorable.

Speaking of the dad.... Vinnie's been nominated for a Gemini for Best Actor (for our American friends, the Gemini's are like the Emmy's, only they're for Canadians). So we (the family) are really pumped about that.

So, yeah... that's my world according to me.

Send hugs n thoughts over to theGirl... she's under the weather and stressed about this job hunt thing.

i'm alive....2004-03-13 13:17:54 ET

really. I am.
I'm here.
Took care of financial stresses. The studio manager (whom I had in my back pocket) got laid off. Now I gotta start over again with a new SM.
Put a 50% deposit down on the engagement ring. Sadly it's not the Andromeda, but it is a beautiful 18K white gold ring with a 0.3K sapphire and 2 0.15K diamonds on either side.
She likes it, so that's more than enough for me.

Other than that, I just wanna chill, have a beer, smoke a j, and just be cool, be cool... (ICE COLD!)

Political Winds (or Farts) of Change2004-03-08 03:38:28 ET

I've been listening to a lot of different music lately (see earlier post) and mostly it's been for lyrical content. With all the people out there buying music that has, in general, a very left-of-center p.o.v., you'd think they (the audience) would have a pretty left-of-center mindset and would act accordingly.
So why is society so friggin fucked up by a right-wing authority that by all accounts (when you look at societies artwork) shouldn't even exist?
I know. The system is to blame in the recent American election. 14% of the American people voted for Bush. How does this make sense? Why hasn't there been some sort of uprising? iunno...

But how did it get this way? I know humans are a lazy bunch some of the time, but why the hell would we have become so complacent when it come to putting our future's in the hands of others? How did we ever let anybody get to the point that they don't mind bowing down to someone who doesn't deserve it? Why are there people who think it's okay to sell off publicly owned corporations just to make an extra dime. And these are the same people who claim to be religiously devout? I'm sorry... when did GREED become one of the 7 Cardinal Virtues? Did it exchange places with humility somewhere down the line?

I hear the words of 2Pac and Bono and Micheal Moore and ask myself "If these people have so many heads nodding in agreement, why then are we the minority? Why are we allowing the conservative minority to walk all over us?"

In America, the Republicans bitch and moan and complain about anything that appears to be lefty. Why the hell would you keep complaining when you're already in power? I know why. Cause you see your days are numbered. You know you only got in with 14% of the American vote. But with the current relationship of corporations and political parties, what does voting really mean? Is it worth it?

I think it still is. If 90% of the people in the U.S. vote for the Democrats or Green Party (such as it is) in the next election, but Bush & Co. still gets in, then I say it's time for another revoultion.

Even here in Canada I see things are not how they should be. This sponsorship funding scandal is tearing up our government. People will vote "the other way" just to get the Liberals out of office. The Canadian people still view the NDP as some sort of Communist party. But there already is a Communist party. And they're further left than the NDP. Canadians have always gravitated towards center, either just left or just right. The NDP have no chance. So it's gonna be the radical Canadian Conservative Alliance. Wonderful.

Think I'll move up to northern Canada and live in the wilderness for 4 years. Come back and see if anything's improved.

Anybody with me?


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