How did it get like this?2004-02-12 03:39:06 ET

So how did this world get so dependant on money and wealth? What was the turning point? Was it after WW2, when everybody figured " I don't wanna go through another depression" and started hording cash?
Was it when the industrial-revolution began?

See, I want to figure this out so that maybe, just maybe, we can find away to reverse the effects and damage that money has done to the fabric of our thinly woven society.

It'd be like blowing up all the headquarters of the major credit card companies and banks. All our debts would go back to zero.

All of us would get a fresh start, a clean slate, in a world where no one owed anyone for the roof over their heads.

We'd work because we choose to. Not because we have to. Nothing would have a set price. A pair of boots might cost you $100 now, but in my world, a commisioned 8x10 portrait of the bootmaker, or a few CDs from your collection that are just gathering dust.

I think we'd all be a lot better off then.

"I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect. I say let's evolve, let the chips fall where they may." -Tyler Durden

Quiz stolen from theGirl2004-02-10 07:23:48 ET

Take my Quiz on!

Take my quiz.. Please?

Update: The first question got messed up. Here's the question as it should be:
What are my top-3 desert-island CDs?
a) Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile, U2 "Achtung Baby", Radiohead "Hail to the Thief"
b) Paul Weller "Fly on the Wall, U2 "Zooropa", The Cure "Bloodflowers"
c) NIN "The Downward Spiral", Radiohead "OK Computer", A Perfect Circle "Thirteenth Step"
d) Zero 7 "Simple Things", U2 "All That You Can't Leave Behind", R.E.M. "Automatic for the People"

So remember this list and then pick the appropriate one on the quiz.
Don't worry, some of the questions are uber-hard, so I'm not expecting you all to get 100%. But at least a 60%, right?
I'm not that aloof.

helplessness sucks2004-02-09 13:18:37 ET

When all you want to do is make your special someone feel better and you know you can't.

Send love and hugs to theGirl. She's got a really, really, really awful headache.

Among other things.

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