2004-01-08 11:43:42 ET
I spent this morning chipping ice and snow off my porch and steps and clearing the sidewalk just in case the mailman would like to deliver the mail today. I like the thought of having a clear way to the road if I should have to evacuate the house anyway. We've been lucky so far. *knocks on wood* We haven't lost power at all during this storm. I do think it played a part in why we didn't have internet service from 12am to 11am.

I did luck out with not having to go to work today. Music Millennium is possibly going to close by two due to the weather. They said it was very slow and they should be fine without me. Score two more days of avoiding the public. I do still need to get money into the bank for rent before things start bouncing.

It's currently raining lightly out my window. It could help with the melt or it could freeze, making things even more icy. Lovely...
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 Photoshop    2004-01-07 20:03:22 ET
I need to start playing with it more often. I'm way behind in my learning curve. I had the stongest urge to find a shot of the World Trade Center observation deck and place myself on the rail. Just an urge...

     2004-01-07 19:26:26 ET
This year I take biomechanic's stance on snow.

Dear Snow,

I moved to Portland for a reason, not to see you. I hate you. Please melt.


C. English

     2004-01-03 01:28:30 ET
At a loss on what to do for my background. I need a change. Here, ejoy a classic pic from last year. God, how I love lava lamps...

 Resolutions for 2004    2004-01-03 01:07:23 ET
Must work tomorrow (or should I say today?) early-ish, but here I am anyway.

This year I plan on:

-quitting drinking cheap beer. If I can't afford to buy myself at least one pint of something good (and being content with that one pint if I can't buy more) I flat out won't drink. No taking mercy pints...nothing...My beer karma is high enough! Kick me if I start sulking at people drinking around me.

-not letting my S/O's excessively moody behavior eat me; he has his days, I have mine, whatever...

-getting my GED and start looking into grants to further my ejahmacashun.

-taking my vitamins! They've kept me alive on a diet of beer and fast food this long and kept the flu at bay this entire winter, I should keep it up. I should cut out the fast food though.

-spending less time in front of the computer.

-getting a job that makes more than minimum wage.

I can't think of anything more right this moment. I need to go to sleep.

*takes a slug of her Deschute's Jubelale*
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