Vague Public Post    2004-03-07 12:38:36 ET
I'd like to write something here but I'm at a loss.

-The grouch is mad at me.
-My job does not make me any $$$$.
-I need to get out into my yard and do some work today.
-I want to watch more "Sopranos" but that requires the grouch's presence. The third season taunts me from the floor in front of the TV.
-I really want some ICE Spiker hair gel, but at $15.99 a bottle?
-My cat's breath smells really bad.

I'm sure there is more going on but I need to do something other than sit here this afternoon.

 Show #54 playlist    2004-03-05 15:01:53 ET
Panacea - Faggot House
Soma - Arcane
Asche - Your Bomb
Black Lung - The Population Bomb
S.I.N.A. - Machine (Die Farben rmx)
F/A/V - Tote Frauen/Kranke Monnõr
Aghast View - Vaporize
Front Line Assembly - Digital Tension Dementia
Laibach - Achtung!
B-TON-K - Birth, Sex, Death
Upright Citizens Brigade - John Denver Fanclub
T. Raumschiere - The Game is Not Over (featuring Miss Kittin)
Miss Kittin & the Hacker - Frank Sinatra
En Esch - Confidence
Sheep On Drugs - X-Lover
Pzycho Bitch - Come Back II
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Waiting for Mommie
Læther Strip - I Want You
Foetus Inc. - Bedrock
PTP - Rubber Glove Seduction
The Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers, and Queers (12" mix)
KMFDM - Thumb Thumb
Numb - Blood
Coil - Love's Secret Domain (original version)
Amon Tobin - El Wraith*
The Punk Group - Heineken


* Amon Tobin will be here in Portland March 25th with Kid Koala at the Crystal Ballroom. I highly recommend this show. More info found here:

 Show #53 playlist    2004-02-27 14:59:54 ET
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – Heresy
Coil – Airborne Bells
I, Parasite – Piety
HMB – In the Beginning
Amgod – Fire v2
Juno Reactor – God is God
KMFDM – Split (mirrorball mix)
Mentallo & the Fixer – Sacrilege (Grimpen Ward)
Index – World Warhead Broadcasting
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Luge
Front 242 – Television Station
Haujobb – Eye Over You
Skinny Puppy – Tormentor
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion (12” version)
Ministry – Psalm 69
Foetus – Take It Outside Godboy
F/A/V – Ich Zwei
Velvet Acid Christ – Never Worship (bruised knees mix)
The Klinik – Rightway
Soma – God Sends the Meat and the Devil Cooks (and cooks and cooks…)
Alien Sex Fiend – In God We Trust (in cars we rust)
Death Ride 69 – Elvis Christ
Foetus Inc. – Wash It All Off




 Show #52 playlist    2004-02-20 15:03:08 ET
Architect - Past Gate
Hrvatski - You Didn't Look High Enough
Amon Tobin - Chronic Tonic
Black Lung - The More Confusion the More Profit
Monolith - Nomad
B-TON-K - Brain Police
Download - Mothersonne (NEWT rmx)
Implant - Nine
The Klinik - Backwards
Einstürzende Neubauten - Z.N.S.
Laibach - Achtung!
F/A/V - Juni
Pain Station - T.O.S.
Revolting Cocks - We Shall Cleanse the World
Skinny Puppy - Hexonxonx
Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey
Pigface - Go!
Foetus - Verklemmt
KMFDM - Friede (rmx)
Front Line Assembly - The Blade
Clock DVA - Voice Recognition Test
Pzycho Bitch - Eden 2
Alien Sex Fiend - The Impossible Mission


A warm thank you to my five listeners. You make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's good to be back. I shouldn't be missing any more Fridays for now, so I'll be back for sure next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

     2004-02-19 02:41:19 ET
I still haven't had a chance to comb through and save my favorite pictures from Andy's Mad Max party. Maybe this week while doing my show.

YEAH. THAT'S RIGHT. I'LL BE BACK THIS FRIDAY. (my boss got my memo)

*edit non-working picture link. Here's the web link instead:

Bend over.

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