Show #57 playlist    2004-03-26 15:01:17 ET
Amon Tobin – Rhino Jockey
Ammo – Yellow Gas (Silk Saw mix)
Imminent Starvation – Even Stars
Mlada Fronta - H2O
Needle Sharing – Clicks Per Second
The Klinik – Quiet in the Room
Download – Glassblower (rmx)
Feindflug – 2000 Volt
F/A/V – Fruende Am Verzweifeln
B-TON-K – Auto-Aggression
Einstürzende Neubauten – Abfeckeln!
Haujobb – Depths
Snog – Hooray!!
Laibach – Achtung!
Pzycho Bitch – Upside Down
Nine Inch Nails – Sin (long)*
Leæther Strip – Switch On Switch Off
Skinny Puppy – The Choke
Nitzer Ebb – Lightning Man
KMFDM – Rip the System (duck and cover mix)
Pigface – Fuck It Up
Ministry – Never Believe
Foetus – Mighty Whity
Big Black – Cables
Gogol Bordello – Haltura


*I knew there was a reason why I had not listened to this version of this song in years. No Trent, that calypso beat was not a good idea. That’s what I get for playing something before previewing it. Haha…

See you next week.

 Show #56 playlist    2004-03-19 17:30:42 ET
5F_55 - 4655 6D46 4148 - FUmFAH
Asche - Riding the Atomic I.C.E.
Black Lung - Gizmo Prediction Fallout
Monolith - Tribal Globe
Download - Primitive Tekno Jam
S.I.N.A. - Release
PAL - Discoroad
Implant - Don't Like Them Noisy
The Klinik - Blanket of Fog
Juno Reactor - Bromio
Haujobb - Rising Sun
Pzycho Bitch - Upside Down
F/A/V - Die Produzenten
Mentallo and the Fixer - Coward (submerged)
Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser
Revolting Cocks - Crackin' Up
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Martini Built for Two
KMFDM - Loving Can Be an Art (saturation mix)
Pigface - Suck
Foetus, Inc. - Wash It All Off
Amon Tobin - Proper Hoodidge*
Gogol Bordello - Future Kings
Upright Citizens Brigade - The Dolphin Sketch**


* Amon Tobin is this week! If you happen to see DJ Burn at the Crystal Ballroom at this show on Thursday, wish him a happy birthday.

**For Sykospark. DOLPHINS SUCK IT!


Not Breathing is tonight at the Dunes. The show is free, as is the Backroom right around the corner (before 10:30pm). Nothing better to do with your Saturday night? Go out Friday instead.

DJ Medusa

 Radio    2004-03-19 15:00:34 ET
np: off

     2004-03-18 12:19:00 ET
Room fer rent.

I need a digital camera!!!!!!!!!

 AT LAST!    2004-03-14 22:59:45 ET
I think I have my layout the way I want it for now.

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