Jeeze, whatta night...    2004-03-14 22:11:46 ET
Last night of [flux]

Thanks again Burn and Ophelia for giving this town a great club night. May it be resurrected in a new venue and out live the old. This town's options are drying up faster than the puddles around town during a drought so don't make your hiatus be too long. ;-)

 Show #55 playlist    2004-03-12 17:34:39 ET
The Delta - Standby
Amon Tobin - Verbal
B-TON-K - Karoushi
Juno Reactor - Insects
Soma - The Golden Dawn
Haujobb - Renegades of Noize
Pzycho Bitch - Upside Down
Forma Tadre - Plasmasleep
Skinny Puppy - Shoe Lined Poison
The Klinik - The Knife
Front Line Assembly - The Blade
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Luge
Revolting Cocks - Union Carbide (West Virginia mix)
Front 242 - Circling Overland
Clock DVA - Sound mirror (reflected)
Chris Connelly - Ignition Times Four
KMFDM - Rip the System (duck and cover mix)
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Do You Fear (for your child?)
Foetus - Friend or Foe?
Ministry - N.W.O.
Pigface - Weightless
Murder, Inc. - Mania
Jesus Lizard - Boilermaker
Big Black - Kerosene
The Punk Group - Tight End-Wide Receiver


I sold promos today at EM. I’d have a lot more cash on me for tonight but I couldn’t resist looking through the used bins. The loot:

-KMFDM – Godlike single (original Wax Trax pressing)
-Wumpscut – Embryodead
-The Jesus Lizard – Liar
-Laibach – W.A.T.

I feel good. :-)

     2004-03-09 21:30:13 ET
Playing with the background/layout again. I've run out of patience for it for now. I'm not satisfied with it but I must put it down for now.

 You must embrace your Fears, as well as your Fat, and learn to Laugh as you consume them...    2004-03-07 23:27:36 ET
I love the Onion

"Those wishing to begin a diet, let alone a highly moralistic pre-Freudian diet, should consult with their physicians," Stearns said. "Otherwise, they run the risk of long-term health problems—not to mention the possibility of their diet being misinterpreted by a rabidly cuisinophobic nationalist sect and used to justify a world takeover by diet Nazis."


 Rosemary is for Rememberance...    2004-03-07 16:25:43 ET
...remembering just how large that stupid bush USED TO BE! The weather was very nice today for doing a little yardwork, the first of the year.
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