Show #39 playlist    2003-10-17 17:26:03 ET
Monolith – Pulse
Imminent Starvation – Even Stars
5F_55 - 4C2E 492E 532E 41 – LISA
Black Lung – Question Four
Download – Possession
Asche – Riding the Atomic I.C.E.
Needle Sharing – Clicks Per Second
Hrvatski – Kid606 rmx
Kid606 – Straight Outta Compton
Panacea – King of the Jungle
PAL – Discoroad
B-TON-K – Auto-Aggression v2
Aghast View – Headross (mental depletion version)
Mentallo and the Fixer – Sacrilege (grimpen ward)
yelworC – Soulhunter
Haujobb – A Terrifying Truth
Index – Cielo Nocturne
Einsturzende Neubauten – MoDiMiDoFrSaSo
Pigface – Beneath My Feet (live)
Swans – Blind Love
Foetus – Heuldoch 7B
Big Black – I’m a Mess


That’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week with a possibly spooky set. Who knows?

 Here we go again    2003-10-17 14:48:23 ET
As Public Enemy and Anthrax put it, "bring the noise!" And that's what I intend on doing in five minutes. Tune in.

(I wish I had that song. :P)

np: Big Black - I'm a Mess

 New Pix    2003-10-16 20:06:26 ET
Thanks to my friend Adam. This is only a few of the best out of many, many pictures taken last night. Couldn't keep Mr. Grim off of me after showing him them. :-D

     2003-10-14 22:35:27 ET
My poor neglected journal. Oh how I don't write anything anymore in it and mostly use it just as a vehicle for self-promotion. I keep wanting to delete it since I don't write here anymore. Maybe I can start at least posting inane yet amusing things. Feeling guilty tonight that I use my lj more.


Maybe some new pictures tomorrow. It all depends on if I meet up with my friend Adam. He has a new camera he is itching to try out.

 Show #38 Playlist    2003-10-10 18:04:06 ET
Black Lung - And Yet I Must Scream
Hrvatski - Pulse
Tarmvred - Kanyl
Mlada Fronta - H2O
Download - Manmade
Implant - Digital Junky (dogma 3000 rmx)
X10 feat. Tec Trance - Compute
B-TON-K - Robot Girl
Haujobb - Claim the Planet
Index - Mesh Life/World Processor
Pigface - I'm Still Alive
Einstürzende Neubauten - Seele Brennt
The Klinik - Backwards
Skinny Puppy - The Choke
Revolting Cocks - In the Neck
Pzycho Bitch - Come Back II
F/A/V - Tote Frauen/ Kranke Mõnnor
Kalte Farben - Again
Coil - Who By Fire?
Alien Sex Fiend - April Showers/ Wop-Bop
Venetian Snares - Children's Limbo
Panacea - Kill the Processors
Big Black - L Dopa


I lied, not very spooky this week. Oh well, maybe
sometime before the month is out. See you next week.

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