2003-09-21 13:11:12 ET
The A.M.F. korset modeling went well. I was surprisingly calm and not too nervous going up on stage in front of a lot of cameras and weird fetish lifestyle people. I got to "throw" DJ Ronabell to the stage and hold a large gun to his head. Fun, fun...I can't wait for the pictures to turn up on-line, as I have no idea how I looked in my outfit.

Today I have so much work to do around the house. We have the first of the new roommates installed into her room. The next one will be starting to move in next weekend and the third November 1st. I expect the house to be a semi-chaotic mess until then. The most I can do is keep it swept, the kitchen clean, and keep my room as a tidy little island in the chaos.


 Life In Flux    2003-09-19 15:45:37 ET
Too much going on today. I may be home but there is no time for a broadcast today. Maybe next week things will settle down enough.

 Just for fun, and an exercise in trying to not be so shy...    2003-09-17 17:43:30 ET
Recieved today:

Hello Everyone,

I just got your info...there was some e-mail problem.
Sorry about the wait.

Thanks for helping with the fashion show.

here is what I need on info:


bust + cup size

hair color and style
piercing, scars and tattoos

Rehearsal is at 11:20AM at the venue

here is a quick description of my fashion show

I'm planning on having 14 people in my fashion show (4
boys and 10 girls). The focus is going to be a
sculpture made out of two people (boy and girl) which
are laced together into a corset. If I can find
willing victims I would like to have the sculpture
people wearing corset piercing in their backs.

It starts out with the sculpture being placed in the
center back part of the stage, the sculpture is
covered with fabric. Next 2 people enter the stage,
possibly with guns, they walk on the runway one at a
time and place them selves next to the sculpture as
now the rest of the models walk on stage one by one,
circle the sculpture, but being afraid of the guards,
walking the runway and place them selves on the side
of the stage, last model is distracting the guards,
the other models unveil the sculpture in an
animalistic way and freeze after seeing what is
beneath the fabric. The sculpture walks the runway
like mutated Siamese twins. and stop at the end. The
model that seduced the guards is going up front with a
knife and cuts the lace, separating the sculpture. If
the sculpture people are ok with the corset piercing,
the corsets that had just been cut off will now be
laced towards their backs. Now they leave the runway,
everyone lines up on stage, lights fade - the end

Best wishes,


AMF Korsets

Should I do it? (The corset modeling, not the corset sculpture itself)


 Happy to be home    2003-09-12 17:09:04 ET
Don't worry. There will be a huge cross-post about my trip soon. But first, it looks like I get to go see Dead or Alive tonight. *bounce*

 I'm Here    2003-08-28 22:35:49 ET
More later. I'm beat and I'm being rude.
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