Show #30 Playlist    2003-06-20 17:18:19 ET
Decoded Feedback - Re-Animation
Implant - Nine
Biopsy - Leech
The Klinik - The Knife
LeŠtherstrip - I want You
Meg Lee Chin - And God She Created Civilization
Revolting Cocks - Cattle Grind
B-TON-K/Puls - Birth, Sex, Death
Skinny Puppy - Morphous v2
Pzycho Bitch - Face In Your Hand
Pain Station - T.O.S.
5F_55 - JoGI TEc
Xingu Hill - Bandwidth Barons
Monolith - Tribal Globe
Ammo - Ghost Phalanx (Panacea mix)
Ache - Your Bomb
Black Lung - Population Control
Architect - demo track 3 (wooo! the album will be out next month, this track will finally have a name)
Amgod - Silence Besides the Sun
Individual Totem - Flow (fortress a mix)
F/A/V - Juni
Download - Mothersonne (NEWT mix)
Big Black - Cables


I might not get to hang with one of my favorite people tonight after all because he might have to work on record reviews. :-(

What to do with myself on a Friday night...

 Radio    2003-06-20 14:56:40 ET
On the air now!

 Could You Kill Your Best Friend?    2003-06-20 13:57:53 ET
I never got to make an entry about seeing Battle Royal. There is something very special about 14 year old Japanese schoolgirls and boys dying rather messy deaths in a game of cutthroat in their cute little uniforms. Thanks db_cooper for showing me this. Something I need to hunt down and add to my collection.

BTW, I will be live on live365 in one hour.

     2003-06-19 13:36:39 ET
Many thanks to Devoid for giving me the ability to make wavs and mp3s again. I owe you a beer or two. Now to get to work.

 "I think we should start with a close-up of MY ass."    2003-06-19 02:11:25 ET
But of course I edited out my ass.

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