K is for KOMPRESSOR    2003-07-01 11:30:50 ET
I can't believe I haven't added KOMPRESSOR songs back into my mp3 library yet. I think that takes top priority today over bathing.

 Copy Kills Music? Bullshit!    2003-06-30 19:57:13 ET
In my brokeness I think Soulseek will become my friend. I've added this to my reasoning for supporting the making and downloading of mp3s.

-for the purpose of broadcast. I firmly believe that internet radio benefits the artist in the fact that there music is being broadcast to an audience that may have never heard of them due to the artist not having a major label to back them up with paid radio/television time, and may never have it due to their sound not being the "popular" one. If the technology is ever perfected to keep people from making copies of cds it will kill this potential for free advertising. I will always post playlist and give out info regarding any artist I play. I think their music is worth something and people should support them, so this is my contribution.

-some people can barely afford their internet bill let alone buy new music. If it is something I truly like I will go out of my way to try and find a hard copy of an album, funds permitting. Meanwhile, I continue to feed myself and support the artists when they happen to come to town for a live performance.


With that said I think I'll open my journal back to the public. I have family that checks this one to make sure I'm still alive.


 Show #31 Playlist    2003-06-27 17:08:44 ET
The Delta - Stand By
Ah Cama Sots - Ill-lktrik
Hexedene - Dreams of the Witch House (dreams 1 & 2)
Index - World Warhead Broadcasting
Amgod - Pain Laughter
F/A/V - Fruende Am Verzweifeln
Skinny Puppy - Morphous (v2)
The Klinik - Touch
Front 242 - Rerun Time
HMB - In the Beginning
B-TON-K - Auto-Aggression v2
Coil - Nasa-Arab
Black Lung - Serpentine Pronouncement Index
Juno Reactor - Insects
Pzycho Bitch - Range of Vision
Pain Station - Monster
Meg Lee Chin - And God She Created Civilization
Snog - Make the Little Flowers Grow
Einsturzende Neubauten - Fuerio
Implant - Rage
Pigface - Prepare to Die (Go! Go! Go!)
X-10 - Godless Race


Just a reminder, I do take requests. Post 'em here and I'll see if I can accommodate.

 On the air    2003-06-27 14:56:35 ET
Tune in to the radio, yo.

 No Sleep    2003-06-26 03:29:43 ET
This gave me a good chuckle this morning after a night of my guts hating me. I can't wait to reap my rewards after becoming a Volunteer Minister for the Church of Scientology. Maybe I'll finally be able to kick all my bad habits.

Ugh! Pass the Gas-x.

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