Yawn...    2003-07-02 02:20:46 ET
Here's the official playlist for an unofficial show that went on for over three hours:

F/A/V - Fruende Am Verzweifeln
I, Parasite - Skinlike
Coil - Light Shining Darkly
Front 242 - Master Hit Part 1 and 2
Amgod - Overlove
Implant - Rage
Index - Cielo Nocturne
X-10 - Phantom Limb
Kalte Farben - Innocents
LeŠtherstrip - Carry Me (Phoenix mix)
cEvin Key - A Certain Stuckey
Juno Reactor - Insects
B-TON-K/Puls - The Master
Download - Mothersonne (NEWT rmx)
Monolith - Matrix A
Ammo - Yellow Gas (Silk Saw mix)
Pain Station - Flatline
X-10 - Disgusting
Foetus - Slung
Alien Sex Fiend - Hee Haw (here come the bone people)
Pigface - T.F.W.O.
TKK - Nervous Xians
The Klinik - Touch
yelworC - Blood in the Face
Haujobb - Nezzwerk
Xingu Hill - Bandwidth Barons
Kid 606 - Mp3 Killed the CD Star
X-10 feat. Tec Trance - Liquid
Architect - demo track 3
Skinny Puppy - Morphous (v2)
Implant - Nine
Forma Tadre - Snake Charmer
Kalte Farben - Dry Wet
The Klinik - Quiet in the Room
Dive - Lies in Your Eyes
Pzycho Bitch - Range of Vision
Aghast View - Timeless (Tim Schuldt rmx)
B-TON-K - The Guide
Index - The Model
And One - Uns Geht's Gut
Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator
KMFDM - Beast
Revolting Cocks - In the Neck
Front 242 - Rerun Time
LeŠtherstrip - Switch On Switch Off
Coil - Unnatural Histories II bonus track


Thanks everyone who listened throughout the night. It certainly made me feel better, especially after I peaked at 6 listeners at 3:30 am (don't you people sleep? ;-P).
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     2003-07-02 00:27:16 ET
Whew! Glad to get that out of my system!

     2003-07-02 00:14:54 ET
You! You...you asked for it...

 Stupid Radio Question    2003-07-01 23:54:28 ET
So...Kid 606 or no...in a few songs or now...I kind of want to lead into it. It all depends on how much longer people are going to listen.

The song has been burning a hole in my brain. ow!

 Fruende Am Verzweifeln = Friend of Despair    2003-07-01 21:34:26 ET
The night is too quiet, too empty...

I'm on the radio if anyone cares to listen and my AIM is on if anyone wants to chat: washu73.

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