2003-07-16 18:43:06 ET
Oh, here is the link to this week's playlist and audio for [flux]:

It's all been updated so go listen! I want to do it again! For those of you who don't know I am DJ Medusa (like it says in my bio).

     2003-07-13 12:51:23 ET
Ugh my head! I had so much fun last night, maybe a little too much judging by the fact that I can't deal with it being bright out. Many, many thanks and hugs to friends that made it out to Flux last night. I had very few dancers but many compliments on what I spun. I think I pulled through fine in spite of the butterflies in my stomach, technical difficulties, and obnoxious people swinging each other around the dance floor (my gratitude to whoever made them stop). I'm sure Burn will have the playlist and possibly some audio posted in the next couple of days.

Sunglasses, Gatorade, a shower, and lunch are the order of the day.

 Adrenalin, I love it!    2003-07-11 19:43:40 ET
I just got home from TJ's fab birthday party. I know I promised not to ride my bike home but I couldn't resist. About Fremont and 7th there was no traffic, so calm...I needed to go fast. It was almost entirely a downhill ride so I made it home in about a half hour. Nice, easy, didn't even break a sweat. And hey, I didn't hit any cars! :-D

 Oops!    2003-07-11 13:09:46 ET
No show today because I have this guy's party to attend. I'll try not to flake next week.

 Hubble Bubble Life is Hard Life is Trouble    2003-07-10 15:01:14 ET
I have been indulging my DR side since late last night. I ripped a lot of Alien Sex Fiend for my mp3 library, got a little Christian Death in there too. All those songs have been loaded into Winamp and been playing continuously. Today was spent when I woke up ripping some songs off of some crappy Cleopatra comps that I intend on getting rid of tonight at Everyday Music before heading over to Nocturnal.

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