As if...    2003-07-10 00:01:36 ET
I had an odd and adventurous night tonight. It all started out good with a proposed trip to the beach that I cancelled due to the fact that I felt it was too late in the day to go. Traffic on 26 out of town would have been hell. But, instead of going to the beach I was fed steak. Thanks Andy! :)

Tonight I had to remind myself why I don't go to Embers anymore. The bullshit was flying thick and I suddenly felt like I was back in high school. I left to watch Micha and Laura consume happy hour food a couple of blocks away at a nice little Chinese bar. I was invited to consume too but was still full from the steak earlier. By the time I got back to Embers it felt like it had gotten ten times crazier in there, so I had to duck out while I still felt sane, drunk, but sane...If I didn't say bye to anyone I'm sorry.

But anyway, it was very good to get out and see my peeps. I love Laura, Andy, TJ, Emily, Micha, and Lincoln tonight. You guys do a lot to make me smile. Thanks.


     2003-07-08 23:20:10 ET
I'm on. Listen.

     2003-07-08 22:51:02 ET
Give me five minutes and I will be hijacking Sykoradio for who knows how long. Maybe until the headache sets in from no longer drinking for the night. Who knows?

AIM is open feel free to talk to me.

     2003-07-08 01:30:03 ET
My hair is very blue now thanks to my friend J.Me. Very stiff too due to some type of goop she put in it which she said will be hard to wash out. Time for some new pics if I can find someone to take them.

I worked out my set for this weekend at [flux] I think. I still need to incorporate Foetus into it though. Must...have...Foetus...

     2003-07-04 14:46:31 ET
No show today. I don't feel up to it.

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