2003-07-08 23:20:10 ET

I'm on. Listen.


2003-07-08 23:22:20 ET


2003-07-08 23:27:57 ET


2003-07-09 00:20:30 ET

i wanted that sniper song by ammo... but i can't find it

2003-07-09 00:22:16 ET

a hard copy of it or mp3?

2003-07-09 00:29:16 ET

an mp3 would be fine....

2003-07-09 00:34:41 ET

are you on Soulseek?

2003-07-09 00:43:05 ET

no :-\

2003-07-09 00:45:49 ET

that sucks, you could get it off of me. i think it is possible for me to send it over AIM.

2003-07-09 00:51:03 ET

no... my firewall doesn't allow to transfer over aim... i don't think...

or i could get soulseek, i suppose ;-P

2003-07-09 00:55:24 ET

well...ya could. ;-P

2003-07-09 00:56:44 ET

i got it now....

2003-07-09 01:00:32 ET

i'll go on for a few then.

2003-07-09 01:01:53 ET

what name are you going under?

2003-07-09 01:08:30 ET

i don't know...how do i get a name? haha... i have the program but that's all (o_O)

2003-07-09 01:10:19 ET

i don't recall. i didn't set my own up.

2003-07-09 01:12:30 ET

i'm back off for now until you figure it out. although i'm sure i'm not the only one with that song. let me know if you have no luck and i'll see what i can do, but later, i want off the net right now.

2003-07-09 01:15:45 ET


2003-07-09 02:06:37 ET


if only id seen this sooner )-:

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