Musica    2003-07-24 13:53:05 ET
I've decided to fill in for Vasa today kind of. I'm going to throw on all the Haujobb I just made mp3 copies of on the air. I can't be too chatty today because I have stuff to do around the house. But I'll be checking in here and there as I let live365 run.

Oh yeah, I worked on the volume levels of everything off of Homes and Gardens. They should sound louder than the original versions, and hopefully better.

 Signs that I was more drunk than I thought last night.    2003-07-22 10:22:08 ET
-Woke up in the clothes I was wearing the night before.
-I left the light on in my room all night.
-Need to go to Sandy Hut and get my card.
-I posted a rant somewhere online.
-I still feel a little drunk today.

Rum and I get along a little too well. Time to wake up and eat.

 Show #32 Playlist    2003-07-18 18:26:50 ET
Newt – Phasenverschiebung
Soma – God Sends the Meat and the Devil Cooks (…and cooks…and cooks…)
Hrvatski – Pulse
Monolith – Tribal Globe
Download – Primitive Tekno Jam
Kid 606 – Smack My Glitch Up
B-TON-K – Brain Police
Snog – Are You Normal Enough?
Numb – Blood
Front 242 – Rerun Time
KMFDM – Help Us/ Save Us/ Take Us Away
Leæther Strip – I Want You
Alien Sex Friend – Haunted House
Coil – The Anal Staircase
yelworC – Legion
Velvet Acid Christ – Lysergia
Sheep on Drugs – Crime Time
Pzycho Bitch – Eden
**Venetian Snares – Children’s Limbo
Architect – demo track 3
Panacea – Kill the Processors
The Klinik – Quiet in the Room
Big Black – Bad Penny

*Wrong Sheep on Drugs track. Mislabeled mp3. Technical difficulties…blah…

Oh look! I do requests! If anyone wants to make them, e-mail, pm, AIM, whatever you can get to work… I’ll see what I can do. See you next week, same time, same channel.


     2003-07-18 14:54:55 ET
All systems go!

 Radio    2003-07-18 14:43:48 ET
I will be live in 10 minutes.

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